Best Automatic Roti Maker Machine Review in 2020

Are you often far from home because of the nature of your job and miss the home-cooked roti? Well, an efficient roti maker is all you have to get to make excellently prepared roti without the trouble of using the griddle, rolling pin, and rolling board.

An automatic roti maker is an excellent appliance to the kitchen for housewives and working professionals that prepare a great volume of roti in just a matter of a short period. The machine saves time and energy.

Benefits of Using Automatic Roti Maker

Roti maker is easily maintained, and it is quite compact. Thus, homeowners do not have to be troubled with the thought of securing a place where you can store it. Moreover, this device is safe to carry, easy to clean, and very healthful to use.

If you make a comparison between the use of automatic roti maker and the conventional method of preparing roti, the first can save you so much time and energy. A lot of automatic roti makers are made with non-stick plates to guarantee a trouble-free experience. Hence, a roti maker is an amazing machine that you should get to create delicious and oil-free rotis.

Is it Useful?

There is no doubt that the automatic roti makers are useful products and would make a great addition to the kitchen.  These machines are consistent in creating soft and light roti.

Roti makers are also useful, especially in the aspect of health since it does not require oil. Thus, your consumption of oil is lowered, which is ideal for your general well-being.

Best 10 Automatic Roti Makers

We simply cannot agree that a roti maker has nothing to do with how tasty the roti becomes. The best roti maker would result in the best roti. And realizing this fact, finding the best automatic roti maker becomes a very challenging task to do.

We recognize this catastrophe and want to help you in finding the best solution to your problem. Here is a quick review of the best automatic roti makers in the market today so you would have the best idea of what product to buy.

1. Prestige PRM 5.0 Roti Maker

Best Overall

  • Solid and compact
  • Occupies lesser space
  • Shockproof body
  • With a demo CBD
  • Has power indicators

Every new addition to your kitchen is both great and enjoyable, especially if you are working on round and soft roti. With that in mind, getting Prestige PRM 5.0 Roti Maker would be a good decision. The excellent granite-spatter coated surface provides enduring and non-sticky performance with great sturdiness. This characteristic provides you an excellent, round, and soft roti every time. Hence, the procedure for making roti is less trouble. The product is easily used since it comes with a demo CD.

Prestige PRM 5.0 is equipped with power indicators. A red indicator lights up each time the machine is turned on. A green indicator lights up to inform the user that the base steel is warming, and once it stops, it means that the machine is already set for use.

The unparalleled curved-shaped twisted base with raised edges make sure that the roti is kept in the middle and do the flipping easy. This bread maker seldom consumes storage space. Home-owners would see the convenience of using this machine because it is built durable and remarkably safe. Its body is enhanced with superior stainless-steel making it shock-resistant and tough. It also features an adjustable temperature knob.

Product Rating: 4.5/5

2. Bajaj VACCO 900W Non-Stick Chapati Maker C-02

Best in Multipurpose Use

  • Stainless steel body
  • With power indicator
  • Heat-resistant lifting handle
  • ABS plastic cool-touch handle
  • Shockproof housing

Bajaj VACCO 900W “Go-Ezzee” Non-Stick Chapati Maker C-02 has been designed to guarantee that the loaves you eat are alcoholic and light just as how you see them in TV advertisements. This machine is very accessible because of its lightweight and easy operation. After several minutes of processing, you can come up with an entirely rounded roti. By referring to the functionality of this machine, you are also shielded by the use of a roller pin because of roti or chapattis since this chapati/bread maker can deliver in just a matter of seconds.

When you are preparing for a huge gathering, the chapati/bread can be so accessible during festivals and family functions. High applicability ‘pressing handle’ is also featured in this machine, which simultaneously stamps out both plates and creates the collar ‘upper lifting handle’ to elevate the top plate, which makes chapattis/Rotis. Bajac VACCO 900W “Go-Ezzee” is a contemporary tool and is a significant addition to the kitchen.

To restrain the plates, a reliable ABS plastic cool-touch handle implanted with steel has been consolidated into the design. With a single push of the handle, the rough and tedious procedure of using a roller pin to drape kneaded dough can be finished. Aside from that, the machine also features a heat-resistant lifting handle, which allows users to easily elevate the top plate, while the chapati/bread is set.

It is covered with the excellent quality food-grade ‘Teflon Heritage’, which guarantees even the flow of flour. There is an LED indicator too to inform whether the device is coupled with electricity or not. It lights in red once the power is shut off or turned on. The auto close-off only stops once the opted temperature is attained. Its electric circuit is made with a glimpse that does not permit accidents or short circuits on any spot. The body is made from an excellent quality heavy-gauge stainless steel, thus ensuring durability and long-lastingness.

Product Rating: 3.5/5

3. Eveready RM1001 900-Watt Roti Maker

Best in Dual-Heating Element

  • In-built thermostat
  • Shockproof base
  • Stainless steel body
  • Temperature indicator
  • Dual-heating element

Although Eveready is not identical with home appliances, the Eveready RM1001 has been recognized to be one of the best roti makers because of its performance and quality. One of the best features of the machine is that it is offered with a 2-year warranty, which somehow reflects the confidence of the manufacturer on this product.

Eveready RM1001 has dual-heating elements that make sure that the roti is evenly cooked and in a quick manner. It exhibits a huge handle which guarantees smooth operation to any user. With these features, this machine is expected to bring out a great experience of creating round roti every time. You may also make Paranthas, Uttapam, and Thepla.

It is relatively efficient when it comes to saving energy because of its 900W operation. The light indicator and shockproof base are added features of this device. You would also know that this device performs a versatile operation as it also allows you to cook different dishes like khakhras, chillas, and omelet.

Also, cleaning this device can be done easily. It also comes with an instruction manual that indicates clear guidelines on installation, cleaning, using, and cooking various recipes.

Product Rating: 3.5/5

4. Rotimatic Automatic Roti Maker Machine

Best in Dough Calibration

  • It is set to work automatically
  • Can alter oil level, size, and thickness
  • Can prepare various types of flatbreads
  • Can set 20 rotis simultaneously
  • Offered in a 2-year warranty

The Rotimatic Automatic Roti Maker Machine is introduced with a 2-year warranty. Any user would be so happy to know that this machine is a completely automatic flatbread. You can set soft and tasty roti in just a few minutes.

The procedure of this roti maker machine is comparably easy. It features an AI technology that allows the roti maker to calibrate the dough, mix, and knead all by itself. All you need to do is place the ingredients and carry on with your tasks.

Relying on the amount drained in the maker, the number or flatbread or roti is determined. It takes around 2 minutes to create a dough ball and set a roti. It takes around 6 minutes to heat.

The greatest thing about the Rotimatic Automatic Roti Maker Machine is that you can alter the oil level, size, and thickness depending on the preference and taste. If you would assess, this machine can work to serve your health. You can create a huge array of flatbreads such as rotis, puri, pizza base, and more.

Product Rating: 3/5

5. Crepe Maker

Best in Added Stability

  • Comes with 5 temperature settings
  • Diameter surface is 12 inches
  • On/Off light indicator
  • Rubber feet to provide additional stability
  • Reasonable price

Delicious blintzes and crepes are easily and quickly made through the Crepe Maker and Non-Stick 12′ Griddle-Electric Crepe Pan. With its 5 various temperature settings, you will have accurate control for excellent outputs. A batter spreader is also included, which is an essential part of creating very-thin crepes.

Its operation is very doable too. Just plug in the crepe maker to let it warm up. Spread a light layer batter and wait for few seconds to cook it. This machine has a diameter surface of 12 inches, which makes it great for traditional French crepes. It exhibits a non-stick aluminum plate, which is great for utilizing as a griddle, best for creating bacon, stacks of pancakes, and other favorite recipes during breakfast.

It also features an On/Off light which informs you once the plate is warm enough. It also comes with rubber feet to provide additional stability.

Product Rating: 3.5/5

6. Hilton Multi-Utility Roti Maker

Best in Non-Stick Coating

  • Non-stick base
  • Stainless steel body
  • Dual-heating from top to bottom
  • Coated in black
  • Comes in a 1-year warranty

Hilton is a popular brand that produces innovative home and kitchen appliances. The Hilton Multi-Utility Roti Maker is recommended by famous chefs because of its impressive capability. If you have tried using this machine, you can attest to its efficiency. It can work with versatility. Aside from making delicious roti, you also make pizzas and sandwiches with it.

One of the most impressive features of this machine is that it comes with a superior kind non-stick coating with a base shaped in an oval, which lets you make excellently shaped roti. Moreover, the upper portion, which is also shaped in oval, supports the base to guarantee smooth cooking.

It uses a stainless steel material that provides a strong finish and protects the device from getting rust. Experts have made sure to equip this device with careful and massive attention to small details. Noticeably, the device is covered in black to contribute more shade and intensity. It is attractive to look at and matches the general appearance of your contemporary-designed kitchen. It also comes with a 1-year warranty. Although this model is quite more costly, it would be worthy of buying this product.

Product Rating: 3.5/5

7. Baltra BTR-201 900W Magi Cook Roti Maker

Best in Generating Heat

  • Has an indicator light
  • Non-stick surface
  • Uses 220V power
  • Comes with a demo CD
  • 1-year warranty

Baltra BTR-201 is one of the best roti makers in the market. It grants you excellent quality with all-inclusive specifications. It is an automatic device that features a light indicator. The light indicator is incorporated to help inhibit accidents.

It is a user-friendly device. Its surface is non-stick. It runs on 200 volts power, which works to generate more amount of heat. You should know by now that heat is more essential to come up with a good roti.

Even people with no background in operating a roti maker will find it so accessible to use Baltra BTR-201. It comes with a demo CD together with a free kitchen plastic manual dough. Getting this product also grants users a 1-year warranty.

Product Rating: 3.5/5

8. Kerwa Non-Stick Shockproof Roti Maker

Best in Ergonomic Design

  • Ergonomic handle
  • 4500W of power usage
  • Stainless steel material
  • Non-stick coating plate
  • Shockproof

If you like to ensure the crispiness and smoothness of your roti, then it would be a good idea if you use the Kerwa Non-Stick Shockproof roti Maker. Although there are plenty of other models you would see in the market, Kerwa is simply an amazing product that deals with the complicated cooking tasks in just a matter of minutes.

With this machine, you can make a lot of recipes such as roti, dosa, papad, and omelet faster. Its outer body is made from stainless steel to look more classy and attractive and provides credible and firm support to the base.

It has an ergonomic handle that assists you in pressing the dough to achieve a round shape and makes it accessible for easy transfer. This model is lightweight and has a flexible design to make it easy for cleaning. It is not only ideal for kitchens. Rather, you can also use this device at chapatti centers, Tiffin centers, and hotels.

Overall, this machine provides superior performance in terms of making delicious roti, fast-operation, and enduring characteristics. It is made with a red LED indicator that informs the user once the machine has attained the highest temperature.

Product Rating: 3.5/5

9. Prestige PRM 2.0 1200W Roti Maker

Best Body-Built

  • Flexible temperature knob
  • Runs in 1200W power
  • Non-stick coated plate
  • Shockproof
  • Break-resistant

People appreciate the usage of Prestige PRM 2.0 1200W Roti Maker because of its quality, structure, and performance. This machine is made with a flexible temperature knob to regulate the settings of the heat inside while making chapattis and also guarantees safety. It runs by using 1200W power and at an operating voltage of 230V.

It has a non-stick coated plate that is roughly 10-inch wide, which helps to create large round chapattis each time when you run the device. The exterior body is an impressive blend of hard plastic and stainless steel, which makes the machine durable, shockproof, and break-resistant.

It comes with 2 power indicators. The red indicator means that the power is on while the green light indicates assurance that the plate is heating. Hence, it creates exceptionally comfortable and easy use. Moreover, the solid stand structure is planned vertically to push the machine while preparing chapattis and provides support too.

Product Rating: 1/5

10. Sunflame Roti Maker

Best in Thermostat Setting

  • Ergonomic plastic handles
  • Stainless steel body
  • Simple and beautiful design
  • Safe thermostat setting
  • 2-year manufacturing warranty

Sunflame Roti Maker is popular in making fluffy and oil-free cooking roti. It is outfitted with a thermostat setting to safely manage the temperature. Its exterior body is built from stainless steel material and incorporates plastic handles, which makes it easy to close and open while making chapattis.

The machine has a non-stick food-grade plate inside that creates the dough into a first-rate chapatti, paratha and is completely oil-free. Once you turn on the machine with 900W, it provides even heating all through the operation. Furthermore, the Sunflame Roti Maker is offered with a 2-year manufacturing warranty.

Product Rating: 3/5

Buying Guide

There can be plenty of automatic roti makers available nowadays; however, they are not proportionally efficient in creating smoothly cooked and round roti. Being a smart buyer, you need to check on several features and related factors when looking for the best automatic roti maker.

Choose a Reputable Brand

There are 2 main reasons why it is important to consider a product with a reputable brand – after-sales service and the warranty. A good brand would easily offer a 2-year warranty because they are confident about their product. Also, a reputable brand comes with accessible after-sales services. They have huge networks of service centers distributed in major cities. They are equipped with authorized servicemen to check any kind of issues related to the product.

Do Not Get Trapped with Very Cheap Products

Yes, there can be instances wherein a cheap product surpasses the quality of an expensive product, but not with an automatic roti maker. Always remember that the price of the roti maker signifies quality. Thus, it is important that you smartly equate your budget with the efficiency of a roti maker.

Consider the Weight and Size

An automatic roti maker is a simple device that you may probably use regularly. Nearly all roti makers are tight and easily stored. Although the size may not be an issue here, the weight can be an issue to consider. It would be better if you choose something lightweight.

Check for Demo CD/User Manual

A lot of people blame the roti maker once they fail to produce a good roti. However, it not always a case of poor-quality roti maker. Sometimes users fail to follow the guidelines given when using it. Hence, verify whether the product secures a demo CD or a user manual that will provide you a complete guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Prestige Roti Maker is best?

The best Prestige roti maker would be the Prestige PRM 5.0 roti maker. It is packed with great features that aim to provide easy and efficient usage. The machine is tough, durable, shock-resistant, and exceptionally safe to use and handle.

How many Rotis can Rotimatic make?

Rotimatic can do as many rotis as you like. Nevertheless, you have to refill the ingredients every 12 to 14 Rotis. You would know once the ingredients are running low because Rotimatic will inform you.

Can you use a tortilla press for roti?

Yes, tortilla press can also be used for roti. You can find several tortilla press machines that are also designed to create delicious and decent-sized roti.

Can we make paratha in roti maker?

Yes, a good roti maker would also let you make paratha. To make paratha through a roti maker, all you need to do is to squeeze the dough as usual. Flatten the dough balls before putting them in the roti maker.


The best automatic roti maker does not only focus on making roti. Rather, it also gives importance to the accessibility of making other menus such as parathas, khakhras, papads, and more. It should aim to save you time and energy while preparing a meal.

Conducting a thorough assessment of the featured products, the best automatic roti maker is the Prestige PRM 5.0 roti maker. The machine is packed with various features, which are all necessary for delivering delicious and fluffy roti. Next to Prestige is the Bajaj VACCO 900W “Go-Ezzee” Non-Stick Chapati Maker C-02.

It is always recommended to check for particular aspects when buying an automatic roti maker. The best roti maker guarantees smooth cooking of roti. It also makes sure that the roti is kept crisp and soft for a long time. It does not consume too much power and does not need oil for cooking. Consistency is also an important aspect to check. In the basic term, the best automatic roti maker is capable of making the cooking process fun and enjoyable.

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