Best Digital Cooking Thermometer Review in 2020

Ensuring good health is surely one of the objectives of many people. That is the very reason why a lot of people, nowadays, opted to make their food at home. You will always like to guarantee that you offer your loved ones and also your visitors the foods that have the appropriate temperature; however, you are confused about what device to use. That concern is relatively simple to solve – use a digital cooking thermometer.

Are you beginning to question how it is even possible? A food thermometer lets you prepare food properly and also reduces the danger of food poisoning. If that is the case, where can you find the best digital cooking thermometer that can grant you the practical uses for the cooking?

Although these innovations are commonly costly, there are plenty of digital cooking thermometers that are affordable with great precision and convenience of use. These devices are available in various styles and colors, so you would enough selection depending on your preference. Further, some digital cooking thermometers are available with foldable designs, while other models are available with a dial on top.

Best Digital Cooking Thermometers

Inspecting your food is not the safest or most effective approach to determine doneness. Digital cooking thermometers provide fast and simple cooking data. It is understood that there are plenty of digital cooking thermometers available nowadays. Many of them suggest excellence in their performance. However, you cannot always rely on promises when you are about to buy one for your cooking sessions. You have to make sure that you will never prejudice the quality when making a decision.

If you are out there searching for the best option of a digital cooking thermometer, then it is about time that you forget about these worries because there are plenty of selections available. To help you decide, here are the best digital cooking thermometers nowadays:

1. Lavatools – Javelin PRO Duo

Best Overall

  • Splash-proof made
  • Auto-off function
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius configurable

Lavatools – Javelin PRO Duo is considered to be the best digital cooking thermometer. It is a bit costly compared to the Lavatools PT12; however, this device is made up of several added features that substantiate the added cost. Its reading is steadily precise and faster than other models. Its operation is easily maneuvered, easy to keep, and works thoroughly without having recalibration. The device was proven to be the most precise in the ice water test, and it was the quickest to provide results in the chocolate test.

This device excels with its features. It exhibits features that are easy to gauge and easy to operate when cooking. A specific feature that is mostly adored when during a test is the capability to incorporate a beep once the temperature becomes steady, so there would be no speculation whether the temperature has located the current temperature yet. It continues to show the temperature as it falls or rises; thus, it is more accessible compared to a hold button.

Javelin PRO Duo delivers one of the most extensive temperature ranges, starting from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 482 degrees Fahrenheit. It also can demonstrate both the minimum and maximum temperatures within your present cooking session. It is built with the mechanism of being water-resistant, so you can guardedly clean it.

Its magnetic rear portion makes it easy to keep. It comes with an LCD backlit, anti-fog screen. The screen has a power-saving mode that can deactivate the backlighting. If the device is inactive for one hour, the device would be set to sleep mode and wakes up immediately if you move it.

Turning off the device by folding the probe. A lot of people love this device, especially that it comes with a 3-year warranty.

2. Taylor – 147821 Digital Cooking Thermometer

Best Oven Thermometer

  • Added timer function
  • Most accurate oven model
  • Easy-to-read display

The Taylor 147821 works as an easy-to-set thermometer and timer. This device is highly appreciated because of its flexibility and conformity to people’s needs. Simply attach it to the door of the oven or let it stand on the counter, use the suggested meat temperatures, or assign your own to fit your menu.

The device is very precise in ice. It also gives the most precise over thermometer reading in boiling water tests – where precision is the most essential for baking and roasting. Taylor 147821 has a slow response time on over thermometers just like others. It took around 30 seconds to become steady after an intense change in temperature.

The display incorporates the basics: the current temperature reading of the thermometer, the set of temperatures you are waiting for, and the timer. No pre-sets needed for meat temperatures. Nonetheless, that indicates no additional buttons to use in the way. The timer buttons used in setting minutes and hours will not allow you to shorten time without pressing the two buttons to set back to zero. Nevertheless, it is still an accessible device to have if you intend to maintain a smartphone-free kitchen.

Also, you have the option to set the device to create an alert once the set temperature is attained or do away from the alert and just keep an eye on the temperature. All essential option switches, such as the alert mute and temperature scale, are in physical toggle switches to make sure that they do not reset if you shut off the thermometer.

3. EatSmart – Precision Elite Digital Thermometer

Best Instant Read Technology

  • Equipped with InstaRead Technology
  • Improved splash-proof design
  • Includes 2 AAA batteries

EatSmart – Precision Elite produces an accurate, reliable, and fast thermometer reading. You may quantify it and also shift it from Fahrenheit to Celsius by simply pressing a button. It offers the most extensive temperature range, from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 520 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although the EatSmart – Precision Elite thermometer does fast reading, it was not as precise as the Javelin PRO Duo when a test on ice-bath was done. The device is not waterproof and does not possess the features of other models, such as the shake-to-wake power-saving mode and the stabilization beep.

4. ThermoPro – TP21

Best Wireless Oven Thermometer

  • Upgraded probe
  • No synchronization needed
  • Reprogrammable temperatures

If you normally open the grill or oven to get the temperature measurement of your meats, then this device has the aptitude to transform your cooking encounters.

ThermoPro – TP21 is a dependable, feature-loaded wireless thermometer. However, in spite of these impressive features, the device is still available at an affordable price so that many home-owners can still afford to buy it for their homes. The probe is rated to suit for grilling temperatures, reaching a maximum rate of 700 degrees in comparison to the 400 to 500-degree limits set by other oven thermometers.

This wireless thermometer has a backlight display that alters color as the food gets nearer to the set temperature. Also, you will be amazed by its wireless range. The wireless remote can work in a range of up to 300 feet and can measure temperature between the ranges of 32 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can still have the luxury of time to watch a basketball game or prepare side dishes while you are waiting for your meat to come to the set temperature.

The stand or wire hook is accessible for sticking the transmitter base of the probe on the grill or oven handle; however, a magnetic backing could have turn it even more impressive. The device does not let calibration. Its timer is less perceptive compared to the thermometer of Taylor since you need to cycle through the entire temperature pre-sets to locate it. You cannot do the second count if you set your hours and minutes. However, you may set a timer set up to 100 hours under smoking processes or slow cooking. Each probe is equipped with 40 inches stainless steel mesh cables so you can get from a distance.

You may see it more helpful to use one of the available probes to check the internal temperature of the smoker or oven. Once all things are set up, simply attach the remote to the belt you are wearing.

5. Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Digital Infrared Thermometer

Best Outdoor/Indoor Use Thermometer

  • Infrared Technology
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Auto-off function

You can use the Etekcity Lasergrip thermometer either in your indoor or outdoor cooking. Its edge is in the laser-sharp preciseness to calibrate temperatures from a gap from your oven, grill, or stove. This thermometer is equipped to measure even extreme cold and heat from 716 degrees down to -58 degrees. Utilize the infrared temperature scanner for an intense range of applications – from internal electronic elements to the temperatures of over. You can also utilize this device to get the internal temperatures of car parts, electronics, and ovens. 

With an easy-to-do operation procedure and its temperature measurement range that exceeds boiling points, there are endless possibilities. You can get the internal temperature reading of foods without establishing contact. Simply assign the task to the laser. Etekcity Lasergrip is both a mechanical and cooking thermometer with boundless applications.

The Lasergrip attributes a rapid unit conversion button for you to easily switch units between Celsius and Fahrenheit without ever requiring to measure again. Once the measure is obtained, the outputs are fastened on the screen for the convenience of data recording. Enable laser pointing guidance to examine the temperature of the surface of any object. You will always determine the exact section of measurement without a doubt.

6. Habor Digital Meat Thermometer

Most Flexible Thermometer

  • Fahrenheit and Celsius configurable
  • Auto-shutdown
  • Hold function

The Habor Digital Meat Thermometer obtains the temperature reading of food in just a matter of 4 seconds. It provides precise reading and caters to any food like bread, meats, candy, liquids, and more. It is a precise, charming, and user-friendly thermometer that comes with a plastic sheath and pen clip to shield the stem against any casualty when not used. Its probe is 5.9 inches and comes with a tapered. The device has a thin tip so that no big holes are made in the food, preserving the juices they contain. It also has an extra length that aims to shield users from burning their wrists or hands.

The device performs well for candy making, roast leg of lamb, holiday turkey, getting the temperature of baby’s milk, and measuring the water temperature for baby’s bath. With this kind of device, you can be the best chef you have wanted to be. This device is available with a storage case. It would make a great choice for indoor kitchen and outdoor backyard activities.

7. Polder Stable-Read Thermometer

Best Budget Thermometer

  • Beeping sound to alert the user
  • Includes 1 CR2032 battery
  • Delivers readings within 4 seconds

The Polder Stable-Read Thermometer is a super convenient tool and innovation that eliminates a lot of guesswork commonly done when cooking. It gives precise readings in as quickly as 4 seconds. Simply embed the probe into the roast, push the button, and the moment you hear that beeping sound, you would know that a steady temperature is obtained.

The screen is big and easy to read, and it displays the reading until you initiate its reset. It obtains temperature measurement that ranges from -49 to 392 degrees Fahrenheit and operates on a single CR2032 battery (3V).

You must be careful when cleaning the probe. Its electrical components are not waterproof, thus, you will not want them to be unprotected from moisture, or they can fail to work.

8. iDevices Kitchen Thermometer

Best Smart Thermometer

  • Dual probe capacity
  • Magnetic mounting
  • 150-foot Bluetooth smart range

The iDevices Kitchen Thermometer works with two probes and an app so you can monitor two apportioned pieces of meat, various spots of a big roast, or the medium temperature of your grill on your smartphone distant as much as 150 feet through Bluetooth.

The thermometer fits the oven or grill magnetically, and when the phone is distant beyond 30 feet, the display becomes empty to save the life of the battery. It operates on two batteries (AA) and suits a temperature range of -22 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit.

9. Zitrads Digital Thermometer

Most Handy Device

  • FDA and LFGB approved
  • Adjustable target temperature
  • Equipped with an alarm

Zitrads Digital Thermometer is a fast-reading thermometer that obtains temperature reading in just a matter of seconds. You can create a setting on this device to alert you once the cooking temperature of the food is achieved. This thermometer is impressive and user-friendly. It is also easy to clean this device.

If you enjoy cooking or grilling meat, then Zitrads Digital Thermometer can be a good partner for your cooking session. Cooking sessions have no extremities because this device is made with a backlight screen and a unit switch that lets you check the temperature of the food even during night-time.

Turning on or off the device is easily done by folding the probe. You will likely appreciate the use of this device because it provides a precise measurement of the temperature.

10. CUGear Waterproof Ultra-Fast Thermometer

Best Waterproof Design

  • IP67 waterproof
  • Easy to use
  • Backlit LCD

One appropriate device to guarantee you do not assume the food temperature is the CUGear Waterproof Ultra-Fast Thermometer. This is an ideal choice that allows you to obtain an accurate temperature reading within 3 seconds. This device can be used to monitor the food temperatures such as oven roast, meat, candy, and even tea. You can cook confidently with the use of this device and never be bothered about making a bad steak by either overcooking or undercooking it. With the CUGear Waterproof Ultra-Fast Thermometer, you can come up with a recipe to perfection.

This thermometer can be cleaned with water without any hesitation. With a powerful ABS plastic body, the device can endure accidental drops or other forms of accidents. The device can display the temperature even during the evening. Simply push the button, and the screen will lit for 5 seconds. It then makes a picnic and barbecue easier and more accessible during night-time.

Moreover, this thermometer will make sure that your cooking turns more fun and simple thanks to the progressive cooking technology that is available today. The danger of food poisoning is completely diminished because, with this kind of device, the food is cooked and made to its suitable temperature. The battery is already installed in the device and has been calibrated. Its foldable probe is long to keep you distant from extremely hot source and prevent injuring yourself. Its auto-off functionality helps you conserve the life of the battery.

Benefits of Digital Cooking Thermometer

For such a little tool, a digital cooking thermometer can essentially enhance the quality of food you serve. The device is essential in making the cooking more accurate and efficient while securing you the peace of mind knowing that the meal you have prepared for your family is made to perfection.

With the use of digital cooking thermometers, there is no need to slice a chicken, meticulously examine the consistency of the candy, place a toothpick in the cake, or set a timer. Digital cooking thermometers are useful when doing raw meat. Thus, anyone who roasts, grills, or fries takes advantage of getting one. An ideal digital cooking thermometer offers many profitable uses.

Food Safety

It is nearly impossible to determine if certain roasts, meats, and whole turkeys are done to the right temperature. It is already given that you like your food to end up delicious. But aside from the taste, you would also want the food to be safe.

Even a hamburger that is brown in the center may not immediately mean that it is done. Washing well your hands before handling the food inhibits illness, and the use of a digital cooking thermometer ensures the food for good cooking to get rid of the danger of bacteria brought by undercooking eggs and meats.

Making Delicious Meals

Regardless of your expertise in cooking, there is always a possibility that the temperature of the food is either too high or too low. Temperature influences the flavor of the food. Overcooking some meats extracts the juices and therefore lessen the taste. Overcooking seafood leads to dry and rubbery main courses.

With a digital cooking thermometer, you can check the internal temperature of the food – not only to inhibit harmful bacteria but also to keep the flavor of the food. Overcooking the meat turns it tough since the sugar molecules, protein, and fat in the muscle become welded, making the meat difficult to slice, difficult to chew, and difficult to digest.

Maintain a Safe Temperature

If you are giving a barbecue buffet, there is a tendency for some of the food to be left out for an extended time than other menus. As the meat starts to cool, it happens to become a rearing surface for bacteria. If you are bothered about how long that piece of meat has been exposed to the sun or have been pulled out from the fridge, you can verify whether it is still good for consumption by examining the temperature.

Inhibit Overcooking

Do not allow your great barbecue party to be destroyed by overcooked, dry meat. With the use of a digital cooking thermometer, you can conveniently beat the effect of heat. Once cooked at the proper temperature, the meat remains tender and juicy so that the rest of your guests will enjoy their meal. Various pastries will also need to be cooked with accuracy when it comes to temperature and timing. A digital cooking thermometer will make sure that your favorite desserts are set for offering, while also securing your saucepans from becoming burnt.

Safety for the Baby

A digital cooking thermometer can multi-task to check the water temperature of the baby’s bath as well as the temperature of the milk.

The preciseness of a digital cooking thermometer guarantees you are not scorching the milk of your baby or putting them in danger in a hot water bath.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if the meat thermometer is accurate?

You can verify the accuracy of your meat thermometer by conducting an ice water test. Get a large glass and fill it with ice. Pour the glass with some cold water and stir. Place the thermometer in the middle of the glass enough to have the edge of the probe drenched by around 2 inches. Let it stay there for 1 minute, then see the temperature reading. The reading must be 0 degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit. If the reading does not show you the said temperature, then it means to say that your thermometer is not accurate.

Who makes the best cooking thermometer?

So far, Lavatools has the best cooking thermometer. Its accuracy, speed, and design have earned recognition making it the best food thermometer.

What is the most accurate meat thermometer?

Digital thermometers are the most. They have sensitive resistors that work to provide quick and accurate readings.

Do professional chefs use meat thermometers?

Yes, even professional chefs use meat thermometers, especially if they are doing big cuts of meats, huge roasts, catered events, or plated dinners.

What do professional chefs use?

Professional chefs only use an excellent quality cooking thermometer. They want to make sure that they have cooked food to a sufficiently high temperature to eliminate those bugs that may make eaters sick, which is particularly essential when they are making ground chicken or beef. Professional chefs always make sure that their foods are safely made and cooked.


People who take their grilling or cooking seriously understand that the use of an accurate digital cooking thermometer is essential. A digital thermometer is beneficial because it is always set, and it clearly illustrates the precise temperature reading, normally within 2 degrees of preciseness.

Convenience and flexibility are the primary features that best illustrate the best digital cooking thermometers. Since they are state-of-the-art and useful, they can assist you in your cooking tasks, and they finally throw away all the guesswork. All products listed above are recognized for their efficiency and reliability; however, it is important that you carefully assess them if you are planning to buy one for your cooking session. You want to make sure that you will invest in a digital cooking thermometer that is suitable to your needs.

So, what is the best digital cooking thermometer? Assessing the features and limitations of the products above, we say that that best one is the Lavatools – Javelin PRO Duo. There is no doubt that this model would make a great choice because it is equipped with several pre-sets and features to select from or if the user is not comfortable with pre-setting, he or she may choose to configure the device manually. Indeed, the device is quite more expensive compared to other digital cooking thermometers; however, you would even agree that you get exactly what you pay for. Javelin PRO Duo of Lavatools is worthy of buying.

Next to Lavatools – Javelin PRO Duo is Taylor – 147821 Digital Cooking Thermometer. It also works to guarantee precision and convenience in cooking. Although the items listed above are impressive in their features and capabilities, it is still important that you assess your current needs to see whether these models can grant you the best service. You can also check for more options on the best digital cooking thermometers by checking online.

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