Best Digital Tire Pressure Gauge Review In 2020

You may think that a tire pressure gauge is just a simple device. But for a diligent driver, this simple device is very important. A tire pressure gauge can mean a small opening between a repaired tire and a fully deflated one. Your tires must have the correct quantity of air pressure. A leaked tire may be left unnoticed until it is fully deflated, and once the tire is left deflated for a long period, it may be damaged as well as the rims.

Meanwhile, an over-inflated tire may also be threatening during summer because the heat intensifies the pressure, and there is a tendency that the tire will explode. Nonetheless, it does not necessarily mean that you need to drop by to a tire shop each time you want to be certain of your tire pressure.

What’s the Most Accurate Tire Gauge?

With the available digital tire pressure gauges in the market nowadays, you can finally have your device so you can monitor the air pressure of your tires. There are plenty of models introduced nowadays, but the challenge is how you will determine the best one.  Here are some of the best digital tire pressure gauges.

Best Digital Tire Pressure Gauges 2020

1. AstroAl ATG150 Digital Gauge

Premium Pick

  • Solid construction
  • The base can serve as a glass breaker
  • A great option for duallys

Astro exhibits a smooth appearing pressure gauge device that can read a maximum pressure of 50 psi. This device is considered to be the best because it is affordable compared to other competing brands but still manages to get the task done properly.

Considering its solid structure, this device can be kept easily and does not require so much space. Simply hang it in your garage. Also, because of its fitting design along with its rubber coating, holding it becomes more manageable. The rubber grip does not let the device to easily shuck while in use. It is equipped with a clear LCD with a shade of blue. The LCD is clear enough for easy reading, whether daytime or night-time.

The device also has an auto-shutoff feature once the chosen psi is attained. If the unit is left no use for 40 seconds, the LCD automatically shuts off to conserve power. The unit is offered with a 1-year warranty.

2. Tekton 5941 Digital Tire Gauge

Best Nozzle

  • Lighted nozzle and LCD
  • Easy push-button control
  • Ergonomic design

Tekton Digital Tire Gauge manages to become one of the best tire gauges because of many reasons. Tekton is asked to adhere to any and each tire nozzle and got favorable reviews from many users. This device offers some incredible functions and capacity that many users want to avail of.

This device features a digital display to exhibit the tire pressure reading. Aside from that, losing the nozzle cap will never be an issue with the built-in right. The digital display also lights up sufficiently so that you can still clearly see the reading even if you are in a dark area.

However, one minor concern about this tire gauge is that the maximum pressure is not entirely that great at 100 psi. But then, considering that most of the vehicle owners will not require that much, this limitation should not be a major problem. If you own a heavier car or drive bigger loads, this device may not be enough.

3. TackLife TG01 Digital Gauge

Best Value

  • Backlit LCD
  • User-friendly
  • Huge measurement range

TackLife TG01 blazes the right to emit to help you hastily detect the nozzle cap. It has a button to easily turn on the device and obtain the reading of the tire pressure in just a matter of 2 minutes. This device also offers the option of displaying readings in various measuring units – kg/cm2, kPa, bar, or psi.

TackLife TG01 has been created to perfectly suit your grip, making it amazingly easy to operate regardless of the condition. The button is securely positioned far from where your fingers are to avoid accidental alteration on the setting. It also uses an LCD that provides impressive visibility in blazing light and darkness. This device is generally affordable but a precise unit to use. Considering its aligning structure, it will not cast off. Moreover, storing it is made easy because you can simply place it in your toolbox or hang it in your garage. This device is offered with a 2-year warranty.

4. Accutire MS-4021B Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Best Interface

  • Affordable
  • Shuts-off itself quickly
  • Measures in half-pound accrual

Accutire offers an impressive tire pressure gauge. Accutire MS is user-friendly and carries out its task quickly. It showcases an easy interface, which makes it manageable to get the tire pressure reading. Accutire only provides readings in the unit of psi; thus, this device shall only be usable to people who are familiar with the psi unit. However, since psi is rather common, many people may see this device usable. It is coated with rubber to ensure proper grip and stability.

Its display is well-lit. Developed with reliable functionality, the device can handle a reading between 5 to 150 psi. Although this device is not so bright, it comes with a design of a backlit display, letting you view the readings in any lighting condition. Durability would probably set this device apart from other models.

5. Diyco Elite Gauge

Best Quality Meter

  • Highly precise readings
  • Solid rubber bumper
  • Wide pressure range

This Diyco Elite Series may appear as a common tire pressure gauge, but if you thoroughly check the device, you will know that it is not. The device has a backlit display that provides good visibility wherever you are or whatever time it is. Aside from this, this device is highly enduring and strongly made from superior material, thus, recommended for long-term use. The 150 psi makes the device very compelling for effective service.

Diyco Elite Gauge releases the entire pressure in the compressor the moment it is detached from the nozzle, which is not the common scenario with other similar units. This may post to be a risk when it comes to safety.

Because of its compact design and small size, you can conveniently bring the tire gauge wherever you will need it. It is packed with a long hose to secure convenience upon usage. It is user-friendly, although it is a bit expensive compared to other brands.

6. Cooolbuy Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Best Battery Used

  • Has a readable display even in extreme sun
  • Switch through measurement ranges
  • Light assimilated with the nozzle

Powered by 3 batteries (1.5V), this tire pressure gauge is one of the best choices in the market. It is known for its immediate and precise readings because of the upgraded technology and big LCD. The lighted nozzles provide easy access to dimly-lit conditions, whereas its lightweight promotes portability.

Cooolbuy is an easy-to-use device. It offers various reading ranges so you can choose to set your reading in your preferred unit. Thus, you will understand the reading quickly. Its grip has ditches that suitably fit the way the fists hold the handle. The valve quickly creates a narrow seal around the tire once it is pushed against it.

The device features an auto-shutoff functionality so you can save the life of the battery.

7. Rhino USA Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Great Quality Tool

  • Lighted nozzle and LCD backlit display
  • Ergonomic design
  • User-friendly

The kind of material used in the making of this device shall determine the comprehensiveness of its service. It is a superior and enduring gauge that you can use even for several years – thanks to its construction with the use of solid brass.

Rhino USA can cater to a maximum reading of 150 psi and 10 bar; thus, you will be catered with nearly any kind of car that you like to use it with. It offers 4 various kinds of ranges – kPa, psi, kg/cm2, and bar. It has a big 2-inch dial screen to provide better performance and reading. The device has been examined through rigid conditions and remains reliable.

This simply implies that you will always get a precise reading from this device. All settings in this device can be handled by a single button. By simply clicking it, you can set the mode that you prefer. The device also features a backlit display so you can view the reading.

8. Ionox ION-15S Pressure Gauge

Best Metal Housing

  • Extremely easy to operate
  • Covered with a non-slip grip
  • Does not have a bleed valve

Highlighting a metal built, this device can manage the pressure of up to 150 psi. This durable gauge operates efficiently with most nozzles and tires and is completely precise accommodation of the 0.5 psi ranges. With the Ionox ION-15S, you will never be confused about the reading that you see. You can view readings in either kg/cm2, bar, kPa, or psi. This device makes sure that you can view the readings – both low and high.

The unit is easily used even if you do not have experience in using a tire pressure gauge. All you have to do is push one button that will allow you to be on your desired setting. Since it is a small device, it does not have the same kind of fitting style as other models. Nevertheless, it is not that hard to handle or use. It has a pleasant design for a solid non-slip grip. It is equipped with an LED-lit nozzle to illuminate in the dark.

9. Slime 20017 Digital Tire Gauge

Best Visibility

  • LCD display
  • Inbuilt green luminous lighted tip
  • Auto-shutoff

One of the most affordable digital tire gauges in the market is offered by Slime. Slime 20017 is a reasonably basic device but offers you efficient and satisfactory service. It features an LCD, green luminous lighted tip, and auto-shutoff capability.

It lets you take ensuing readings to guarantee the preciseness of your initial readings, making it good for moments that you have to ensure preciseness of your figure. This unit does not provide many readings. Nevertheless, you can choose from the bar, kPa, and psi. It is easy to modify the settings for the different ranges as you simply need to push a button until you see what you are searching for.

The device is equipped with a reset button. It grants you the opportunity to reset the gauge before getting another reading quickly after. This works to confirm the reliability and preciseness of the gauge. The display is well-lit, so you can easily read the figures regardless of lights and various conditions. It is made with a rubberized grip, which lets you do a good grip once you use it. However, this unit has one downside – the main button. It is strangely positioned, which implies that you are likely to push it while attempting to take a grip on the gauge.

10. Craftsman Digital Tire Gauge

Most advanced

  • Auto bleeds the air to the opted setting
  • Beeps once reading is available
  • Coupled as an emergency light

This device is prominent in its durable metal construction. With the tire gauge of Craftsman, you can only view the readings in either bar or psi. Nonetheless, because a lot of people are acquainted with these systems, this device can be an ideal fit for a lot of people.

This device is programmable. You have the option to program the gauge so it will remember your preferred air pressure.  Hence, the next time that you take a reading of your tire pressure, you will know if you are within the acceptable range for your vehicle.

The device is slim and sleek, making sure that will suit anyone’s palms. It also becomes an advantage for you to position the device any way you like. Hence, if the valve is in a strange position, you can still obtain your reading. The display is properly lit so you can view the readings despite insufficient lighting. Nonetheless, you do not need to set your eyes on the device the entire time because it will just beep once the reading is done.

It does not have a lighted nozzle, but it comes with a flashlight capability. This will let you see your doings even if it is already night-time. Unlike other models, this device is not equipped with an auto-shutoff functionality, so you will have to do it manually.

Buying Guide

To help you get the best digital tire pressure gauge, here are some things that you should first check out:


Make sure that the pressure pump is built from a material that is excellent in quality. This will ensure long-term service. Thus, check for a pressure gauge that is made from either aluminum or stainless steel material.

Pressure Level

Most digital tire pressure gauges offer readings in PSI. However, some models also offer measurements in KPA, KG, and BAR. To secure easy inflation and deflation, you should get an excellent pressure gauge with a maximum reading of 250 PSI.

LCD Screen

Since it is important to check the readings and measurements when doing tire inflation, it would be best if you get a model that has a huge LCD. Ideally, the LCD must be backlit to facilitate easy reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

When buying a digital tire pressure gauge, a lot of questions would come to mind. A lot of people may have purchased this device already, but they may have the same questions as yours when buying a pressure gauge for their tire. Here are the common questions asked:

Are digital tire pressure gauges more accurate?

Yes. Digital tire pressure gauges provide more accurate readings compared to the analog tire pressure gauges. Further, this accuracy is dependable despite tough conditions.

What is 60 psi on tire gauge?

The 60 psi on tire gauge is a broad-enough range that it can measure the pressure in an alternate spare.

How do you get accurate tire pressure?

For accurate tire pressure reading, see to it that the car has been parked for at least a few hours or has been settled overnight. A digital tire pressure gauge can give you accurate readings; however, do not forget that this device works on a battery.

What happens if too much air in tires?

Too much air in tires can mean over-inflation. Over-inflating your tires may compromise safety; thus, you should avoid your tires from getting too much air. It can cause the tire to blowout. A blowout of the tire may lead you to a lack of control over your car and impact braking distance.


There is no question that the best digital tire pressure gauge is an important tool for any vehicle driver. If you like to eliminate the threat associated with over-inflated or under-inflated tires, you should buy a digital tire pressure gauge now. Bear in mind, an ideal tire gauge does not only diminish threats but boosts the lifespan of your tire too.

The task of choosing the best tire pressure gauge will not be easy if you do not back up your decision with some smart comparisons. It is then important that you learn from the review of the features and limitations of different tire pressure gauges. You do your assessment and decide which among the choices will fit your needs.

We have reviewed the best digital tire pressure gauges in the market to help you decide which one to buy. Weighing the features and limitations of these devices, I would say that the AstroAl ATG150 Digital Gauge would make the best choice. It is meticulously designed to give accurate pressure readings. This farther directs to a devaluation in the downturn of tires and lengthening their life. Next to AstroAl ATG150 is Tekton 5941 Digital Tire Gauge. Be sure that you don’t some little research first before you make decisions and find the best digital tire pressure gauge out there.

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