Best Electric Showers Review In 2020

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A long hot shower is a relaxing feature that should be in your bathroom. Regardless of its details, style, and type, an electric shower is a great improvement to your house. The functionality and convenience it can provide are suitable for any type of individual or families, who likes to soak in warmth after a long stressful work or muddy kids playing in the park.

Electric showers are a go-to shower in every household as its functions to warm up the supply of cold water using its heating features inside. This suggests that you can have warm water while you shower. Electric showers are convenient and inexpensive tools if, in any chance, your house runs out of hot water or the boiler broke, as it utilizes separate units from your typical system of hot water.

How does it work?

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Hot water never runs out in an electric shower, which can be very convenient for massive families with people who prefer taking hot shower one after another.

Similar to your household appliances that get heated, electric showers use electricity to heat up the cold water supply by transmitting current through a metal dubbed as a heating element. The cold water passes through the heating element and picks up the heat, and heads out to the nozzle of your shower.

It might sound dangerous due to the electricity and water being incorporated. However, with proper installation, electric showers are very safe to use. The heating element feature of it is entirely sealed, and the progression of current through the heating element is incomparable to the flow, which can deliver an electric shock.

Electric showers, compared to other showers, utilize less energy as it only consumes minimal water. The low flow of electric showers will save more money compared to taking a regular bath.

Best Electric Showers Review In 2020

  1. Triton Showers Seville Universal Electric Shower

Editor’s Rating: 4.4 out of 5

If you are planning to replace your old electric shower, the Triton Showers Seville Universal Electric Shower can be the best replacement as it features entry points for eater and cables, which can easily adjust to the holes of your existing shower.

For easy selection, the shower has a built-in temperature dial-in number and has a separate feature that controls the temperature and flow. From the brand of great innovation, the Triton is fully equipped with services and support that you can trust.

Their product was made in Britain that provides quality products for over forty years. The electric shower also features an easy installation process and also possesses a high-grade quality, which was tested and proven to be of highest performance.


– Controls for temperature and flow is separate

– Very easy to clean which requires single motion

– Provides two-year guarantee for parts and labor cost within a limited area

– It supports all three: cold, eco and high power control

What We Like

  • Remains powerful and of best quality after months of usage
  • The installation process is very straightforward
  • The machine works efficiently and very quiet
  • High quality but at a low price

What We Don’t Like

  • Sometimes, there is an occurrence of low-pressure rate
  1. Mira Showers Vie Electric Shower

Editor’s Rating: 4.2 out of 5

The Mira brand is renowned and one of the leading manufacturer of showers across the United Kingdom. The company boasts its heritage from the British and has been established and operating for over ninety years, which they constantly launch unending innovations in your shower experience. The aim still continues until today.

With the Mira Showers Vie Electric Shower, the product was designed to reach the highest standards by using the best quality materials through the process. Using quality materials, you are assured that this shower will surely last longer than expected.

The Mira Showers Vie Electric Shower will definitely cater to all the families’ needs as it is custom to accommodate family necessities. It posses style and high-quality performance. Easy to fit in for those looking for replacement electric shower. All the products are designed to enhance your bathroom experience with ease and convenience.


– Stable temperature control that allows water to maintain its desired temperature while showering

– Built-in separate controls for temperature and power

– It needs 230 volts of supply voltage, while 40 amps for supply rating.

– It also lessens the building up limescale for over 50%, making it longer life usage

What We Like

  • Very easy to clean and appears new even after years of usage
  • It has superb accuracy of digital display
  • The shower is extremely simple to install
  • Within a few seconds, the desired temperature will reach

What We Don’t Like

  • There are few difficulties in regulating temperature
  1. Triton Showers Martinique Luxury Electric Shower

Editor’s Rating: 4.2 out of 5

If you are seeking for an electric shower with convenient features and operates economically, then the Triton Showers Martinique Luxury Electric Shower is just right for you.

It does not depends on the boiler’s pre-heated water and can transform cold water to hot instantly due to its built-in powerful heating element that functions all day long.

It also has an intelligent feature that flushes water before turning off to prevent the building of limescale and extend the lifespan of the shower. It featured a very easy numbered dial control temperature and optimized the usage by providing control of off/on the button.

It has a special feature that uses three settings for usage, either high, economical usage that is convenient during summer and cold, best for rinsing. The showerheads itself ha a special feature of providing five variety of spray effects ranging from gentle and wide spray to vigorous spray.


– It has an easy installation process designed for your convenience and hassles free setup

– Three power controls that cater to every need: High, economic, or cold

– It has a phased shutdown that reduces the building up of limescale

– It has a two-year warranty for labor and parts costs

– Package Dimensions is 58cm x 24.5cm x 17cm

What We Like

  • The shower is very easy to clean
  • It has understandable and easy to install instruction

What We Don’t Like

  • The issue of low pressure of water sometimes arise
  • Chrome panel is sophisticated in appearance but can easily accumulate dirt
  1. Triton Showers Aspirante Collection II Contemporary Electric Shower

Editor’s Rating: 4.0 out of 5

With supreme quality and sophisticated design, the Triton Showers Aspirante Collection II Contemporary Electric Shower will suit your delicate taste in terms of style. It offers a minimalist design with convenient button controls for easy usage.

It has a full exterior chrome design with a showerhead that provides a variety of spray in three different patterns. The shower works in slow flow when the temperature is set high, while fast flow can be experienced if the temperature is set at minimal heat.

The flow rate of the water is determined according to the increased and decreased temperature. It also varies according to season. Winter season may experience a slow rate due to the colder water supply.

It features a very economical function as it only heats when taking a shower and readily available upon demand. It will only take a few seconds to achieve the desired temperature.


– The buttons are soft-touch and very easy to operate

– Temperature and flow controls are separate

– Assurance of reduction in the building up of limescale with its phased shutdown feature

– The showerhead has three varying spray patterns

– Avoid accidental kinks with its anti-twist hose in 1.25-meter measurement

– Guaranteed two-year warranty for cost of parts and labor

– Product Dimensions is 25mm diameter, 530mm length

What We Like

  • It has a stylish and sophisticated look
  • Very convenient and easy installation

What We Don’t Like

  • Sometimes, there is a flow rate issue
  1. Mira Showers Sport Max Electric Shower

Editor’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Looking for the most reasonable performing electric shower, there is? Meet the Mira Showers Sport Max Electric Shower powered by 10.8 kilowatts, with the built-in feature of air boost technology that functions as a device that increases the flow of water by 30% without utilizing additional water.

The advance improvement in temperature control is stabilized that maintains the temperature of water at a safe level and consistent. The sensi-flo technology advances its capacity to prevent the scalding of the showerhead or the hose of in case there is blockage occur.

It has an automatic clear scale that cuts through the limescale in half sizes to execute a better performance. The showerhead can easily be adjusted according to the previously replaced showerhead, if there is any, with is large spray showerhead feature.


– The sensi-flo technology avoids scalding

– Reduction of limescale build-up to 50% using clear scale technology

– The showerhead has four large spray variety for best wide coverage

– Built-In economic setting to conserve water consumption and energy usage

– Available in two colors: Chrome and White

– Product Dimensions is 7.5cm x 21.5cm x 35.8cm

What We Like

  • It has an easy installation process
  • The showerhead was designed for wide coverage
  • Design is sophisticated and aesthetically fascinating

What We Don’t Like

  • Few instances, the temperature is difficult to regulate
  • No built-in pump and relies on primary pressure in the house
  1. Mira Showers Azora Thermostatic Electric Shower in Frosted Glass Chrome

Editor’s Rating: 4.3 out of 5

The advanced technology of Mira Showers Azora Thermostatic Electric Shower is not only best in quality but also has a stylish and elegant appearance. It is safe and has the best quality of thermostatic technology.

The shower is a complete set of your every need. It possesses a clear scale technology that is widely utilized to lessen limescale of up to 50%, giving you the best assurance of a long-lasting electric shower.

The safest shower for family and kids usage, as it has stability on thermostatic temperature that ensures stabilized water temperature—with built-in separate controls for flow and temperature regulation, perfectly paired with the soft-touched power button.

From the makers of most innovative showers, operating for over ninety years in the business, Mira Showers are surely the true standard of electric showers. The chrome-style on its design gives an additional elegance on its appearance and polish look on your bathroom.


– It has four spray head shower patterns

– It has a phased shutdown feature that flushes hot water for the safety of the following user

– Control for temperature and flow is separated to tune on the power button of the shower

– Reduces limescale up to 50% through clear scale technology

What We Like

  • It has a controlled flow rate of water for better performance
  • The multiple showerhead settings can provide mist or massage when showering
  • The appearance is elegant with its opaque colored glass front

What We Don’t Like

  • It has a few issues in terms of water pressure
  1. Aqualisa Quartz Electric Shower with Adjustable Head

Editor’s Rating: 4.1 out of 5

Aqualisa Quartz Electric Shower is an award-winning electric shower with an outstanding experience of high-quality modern design and efficiently manufactured for economic advantage.

It is best purchased for replacement electric shower or for secondary usage as the water warmed up with no need on the hot water stocked. It caters to every need of consumers in terms of kilowatt power as it is available in 8.5 kilowatt, 9.5 kilowatt, and 10.5 kilowatts of the highest specifications of engineers. You can also choose a variety of exterior finishes like the graphite, glossy white, and silver selections.

It promises to provide simple and smoothness of glide on power buttons that provide the most simple experience in the shower. You can even choose from five different variants of spray patterns, which may range from a concentrated inner pattern to a relaxing massage of the outer spray pattern.

It also provides an OTP feature, or Over Temperature Protection that enhances the assurance of overall protection of family members from setting the too hot temperature of the water. It can stabilize the water very quickly at the safest level. It also runs for seven seconds after shutting down the shower to flushing the remaining hot water, preventing the build-up of limescale through its specialized feature of the phased shutdown.


– Provides hot shower in an instant without demanding hot water stored

– The smooth glide of LED indicator control

– Flushes excess hot water via phased shutdown

– Has a specialized feature of Over Temperature Protection for family’s safety

– Showerhead is adjustable

What We Like

  • Regulation of temperature is very easy to operate
  • Highest quality with affordable price
  • Very easy to clean

What We Don’t Like

  • There are times that issue on the pressure of the water may arise
  1. Triton Showers Kito Luxury Electric Shower

Editor’s Rating: 4.2 out of 5

From a brand with the highest reputation in terms of high-quality manufacturing showers, Triton introduced Triton Showers Kito Luxury Electric Shower with an efficient design that is easy to install and offers the best fit as a replacement shower.

The brand Triton continues to produce electric showers following quality standards of British design and specifications. Triton Showers Kito Luxury was designed according to the standard specifications of engineers to provide long-lasting usage and best performance.

It has a built-in feature that can save more water and efficiency in energy usage through economic settings.


– With power controls for cold, high or economic options

– flow and temperature controls are separated

– With Phased Shutdown capacity to lessen the build-up of limescale

– The showerhead has five variations of water flow patterns

– A two-year warranty is offered for labor and parts costs

– Package Dimensions is 58.5cm x 25.2cm x 16.5cm

What We Like

  • Very simple installation process
  • Durable and could last long with several usages

What We Don’t Like

  • Difficulty in regulating temperatures can sometimes occur
  1. Triton T80gsi Electric Shower

Editor’s Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Triton T80gsi Electric Shower offers the most valuable features among electric showers. It can also be a great option as a replacement shower with easily adjustable brackets flexible on existing shower holes. It posses multiple entry points for water and cable, with a specialized 180° reversible connection.

An ideal shower choice for the family with its featured advanced power button to easily selection of settings while taking showers. The heated water flushes furnish instant refreshment and readily available depending on demand. With the easy installation process, the Triton T80gsi Electric Shower is very economical as it only starts heating when used.


– Installation is easy especially for replacement shower

– Three power options: cold, high or economical settings

– The showerhead has five flow patterns

– All parts and labor costs are under a two-year guarantee

What We Like

  • Fitting is simple as a replacement

What We Don’t Like

  • It has less power flow
  1. Mira Showers Jump Multi-fit Electric Shower

Editor’s Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Designed to deliver powerful performance and easily fit to replace any existing showers in your household. From a trusted brand that brought several outstanding innovative products to the market, introduced the Mira Showers Jump Multi-fit Electric Shower with a promising performance that more efficient and powerful up to 50% folds compared to other brands.

The advanced clear scale technology it posses gives the shower a more stabilized pressure control and temperature, which remains to be on the safest level. It could also reduce limescale production for about 50%, extending the life span of the product much longer. It also has a built-in shower head with four spray patterns for easy cleaning process and prevention of blockage.


– Improved clear scale technology

– Available in two exterior colors either chrome or white

– Product Dimensions are 22.5cm x 10.7cm x 35.6cm

– Best in performance with advance features for safety of temperature and flow control

– Very easy to clean with four varying patterns of the showerhead

What We Like

  • High-quality product at the lowest price
  • Perfect as a replacement shower as it is easy to fit

What We Don’t Like

  • For users who have tried the 2009 version, the product is totally different

Buyer’s Guide

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In choosing the right and perfect electric shower of your own, there are things to evaluate first before considering buying one.


Prior to purchasing, the kilowatt of the electric shower should be considered initially. Typically, electric showers have a power of about 7kW to 10.5kW in range. In a simple description, the higher the rate of a kilowatt, the powerful it is, as it can heat water quickly. It also allows water to sustain a steady pressure while you shower.

It is also recommended to consider your own circuit breaker in the house if it can manage the amount of power requires by the electric showers. For a 7kW electric shower, it is best to use 32A fuse, while 10.5kW electric showers may need 45A fuse.

Water Pressure

Make sure that the water pressure in your house is enough for the power of your chosen electric shower. A 7kW electric shower needs at least 1 bar pressure while 10.5kW unit will need at least 1.5 bar. At this rate, the constant flow of eight liters per minute is maintained. However, pressure should not exceed 10 bar.

Thermostatic Capacity

A thermostat is a feature of electric showers that control and regulates the temperature of the water within the average degree so that when you take a shower, the water will not be too hot or too cold. This makes the flowing water maintains to be safe as much as possible when touching the skin.

Replacement Shower

This feature is important, especially if you are buying for a replacement electric shower from a different brand or unit. Instead of destroying your bathroom walls, purchase an electric shower with a built-in flexible riser rail brackets to effortlessly install it on the existing voids of the previous shower you had.

Shower Cable

The cable size you have will play a huge role in the functioning of electric showers. The kilowatt rate of the electric shower and the required measurement of the cable varies. For a 7kw electric shower, it should have a cable of 6mm and fuse of 32amps. An electric shower with 9kw power needs a 6mm cable with switches of 40 amps. This applies to electric showers within a fuse of 18 meters. While 35 meters, 9.5kw electric showers need a cable of 10mm and 45amps of the fuse. For 12.5kw electric shower, need a 10mm with a fuse of 50amps.

Phased Shutdown

Lastly, the phased shutdown. It is a special feature of an electric shower which function as the automatic running of water, the period after turning off the shower. This feature allows the machine to prevent the building of limescale that can affect the process of heating water negatively.

Final Conclusion

Indeed, electric showers come in different shapes and sizes that are customed made to cater to every need of families and individuals. With automatic features powered by the flow of current, electric showers provide ease, comfort, and refreshments for all at a very efficient amount of cost.

Standing among all the listed electric showers above is the Aqualisa Quartz Electric Shower with Adjustable Head. This shower possesses all the requirements for the best electric shower, with additional advanced features customed-made for the family’s safety.

It has three power varieties that will surely fit on your circuit breaker at home and cable. It possesses deeming qualities like powerful thermostatic technology and could prevent limescale build-up through with its Phased Shutdown feature.

It likewise ideal for replacement shower due to its adjustable brackets and with the extra feature of Over Temperature Protection that regulates intelligently the temperature of the water, which enhances the safety of the family and other users compared to other products.

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