Best Long Range Rifle Scopes Review In 2020

If you are a shooting enthusiast, you must know that a long range rifle scope can give you a major difference in the way of how you shoot. Whether you are shooting a few rounds at your favorite shooting range or you are hunting, this tool can allow you the precision that you need for every shot.

In this article, we are going to help you find the best among the top long range rifle scopes that you can get in the market. You will also get to know the essential features that you should consider so that you can find your best match.

Benefits of Long Range Rifle Scopes

Before we check out the best option for you, you should first know what you can get from purchasing a long range rifle scope.

A long range rifle scope allows the user to have a better experience in the use of their gun. They give the user the benefit of getting higher accuracy, ability to shoot from a distance, reaching top scoreboards, and achieving contentment.

Long Range Rifle Scopes Give The Shooter A Farther Reach.

This type of scope allows the shooter the ability to be much more comfortable in their distance from their target. It helps the user be further away from danger and has the ability to bring down the target at a much higher success rate. Furthermore, it allows the shooter the freedom to aim and targeting the shot, so the shooter can take time to lock the shot in before pulling the trigger.

It Improves The Shooter’s Accuracy

When it comes to handling rifles, precision and accuracy are very important to achieve. Though there are days that everyone is not that lucky in their shots, a rifle scope can make it much easier to boost performance. Scopes like this help the shooter achieve their goals with lesser attempts and lesser time consumed.

It Improves The Shooter’s Scoreboard

If a rifle owner takes part in a shooting competition or wants to track his own progress through a scoreboard, they will notice how great the use of scope is for their performance. A scope helps a lot in giving the shooter an edge over their competition.

Best Long Range Rifles Scopes

1. Vortex Optics Crossfire II Rifle Scope


Important Features

  • Comes with a 6x – 24x magnification range that allows you to zoom into just about anywhere
  • Has a 50mm objective lens diameter that offers a great and wide view, which will even ensure that you will have rapid target acquisition
  • With its wide lens comes a great amount of light, and they will surely help you even when you are in the dark
  • Comes with a very precise BDC reticle with a customized hashmark design
  • Has a hard-anodized black matte finish, nitrogen purged, and O-ring sealed
  • Waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof


  • Great value for money
  • Has adjustable magnification
  • Has a wide objective lens
  • Aircraft aluminum durable consumption


  • A little weak for low light
  • Not for niche shooting

2. Nightforce ATACR™ 7-35×56 F1 Riflescope


Important Features

  • It has great magnification at 7x – 35x, which is perfect for hunting in wide range plains.
  • It has an illuminated reticle that helps you keep your eye on the target even when the light fades away.
  • It implements a throw lever, which allows the shooter to navigate 20 different types of magnification settings.
  • It has a 5 – 25 power optic, which means it is suitable for most activities like hunting and target shooting.
  • It uses ED optics and is equipped with Hi-Speed zero stop turrets for adjustments in either MOA or mil.


  • Great durability, because of its 6061 aluminum construction
  • Excellent magnification
  • Illuminated reticle
  • Excellent light transmission


  • Can be a little bulky and heavy to carry
  • A bit pricier compared to other models

3. ATN X-Sight II


Important Features

  • Smart scope, which means that it uses an internal processor to perform its unique features
  • Comes with a day mode and a night mode, with image enhancements depending on the conditions of the atmosphere
  • Image magnification ranges from 5x to 20x, and it is able to retain the optimum quality
  • Comes with a ballistic calculator, which factors in bullet drop, wind, target lead, and other details
  • Can record HD video through the use of an internal SD card


  • Has beautiful picture quality at all times in all conditions
  • You will not have to calculate bullet ballistics
  • Records video in 4K quality
  • Has a built-in rangefinder


  • Not for minimalists, because of all the tiny little options

4. Nightforce Optics 5.5-22×50 NXS Riflescope


Important Features

  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • It has a 50 mm objective lens that perfectly meets the industry standard for optimal light transmissions in all conditions.
  • It comes with a fast focus system that helps the shooter get a clearer sight on the target much quicker
  • It has a 100 MOA turret, which means the scope has the best possible adjustment settings and compensation


  • Multicoated optics with a reduced glare
  • Comes with a competitive magnification ability with its 50mm objective lens
  • Durable, with 6061 Aluminum construction


  • Can be too expensive for beginners

​5. Nikon ProStaff 7 4-16X50


Important Features

  • It comes with a 4x to 16x magnification range.
  • It comes with the finest lenses and glasses available.
  • It has a generous 4-inch eye relief that makes it perfect with different types of situations.
  • It also has a Nikoplex reticle, which offers precise details mixed into its design.
  • It is shockproof, waterproof, corrosion-proof, and fog proof.


  • Resistant to different types of elemental harm
  • Comes at a great value for money
  • Comes with Nikon’s custom reticle
  • Has a 4-inch eye relief


  • It might not be the top of the line for its price tag

6. Vortex Optics Viper 6.5-20×50 PA Second Focal Plane Riflescopes


Important Features

  • It is a scope that can be used with most rifle scopes
  • It has a 6.5x – 20x magnification that can be perfect for mid-range shots
  • A 50mm objective lens gives you the chance to get the best light transmission
  • Has an argon-purged O-ring that is great for fog resistance


  • Great low light shooting capabilities
  • Lightweight
  • Reasonably priced
  • Amazing durability
  • Has a massive field of view


  • Its eye relief is only 3.1 inches

7. Leupold VX-R 3-9x40mm Patrol Rifle Scope


Important Features

  • It features second-generation argon that will ensure no buildup of fog.
  • It has a functional reticle that comes in various sizes, depending on the best one you wish to shoot with.
  • Equipped with motion sensor technology to help shooters spot their target even when moving and during the nights
  • Illuminated reticle helps when a bright backdrop causes some troubles
  • Very easy to adjust the scope and are much easier to control compared to others


  • 6061 Aluminum serves as a great and durable outer casing
  • Lightweight
  • Equipped with motion sensor technology
  • Has an illuminated reticle
  • Has a decent eye-relief


  • Can be very expensive
  • Limited light transmission

8. Nikon Monarch 3 BDC Rifle Scope


Important Features

  • It is designed with Ultra ClearCoat technology, which helps it remove the possibility of any form of fog build up on its lenses
  • The scope does not have enough durability, because its weight is very light compared to most rifle scopes
  • It has an amazing ballistics match technology, which ensures that the rifle remains shooting everything on target
  • It has a 4-inch eye relief with a decent design, and it can be used even with spectacles


  • Reasonably priced
  • The purchase comes with a lifetime repair and replacement
  • Lightweight
  • Has excellent magnification
  • Good quality eye relief


  • Crosshair has a lot of room for improvement
  • Limited light transmission

9. Nikon P-223 3-9×40 Mate BDC 600


Important Features

  • Compatible with most rifles on the market
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum casing
  • A bit more durable than others in its price range
  • Can reach distance up to 600 yards
  • Reticle lights up and illuminates itself


  • Very affordable
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Has decent durability
  • Has illuminated reticle


  • Lacks magnification
  • Small objective lens

10. Nightforce Optics 5-20×56 SHV Riflescope


Important Features

  • Has a 56 mm objective lens that is one of the best in the industry
  • Great light transmission
  • Has an illuminated reticle
  • Constructed using aircraft-grade aluminum


  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Has decent durability
  • Lightweight
  • Has illuminated reticle


  • A little expensive

Buyer’s Guide: The Factors to Consider Before Buying A Long Range Rifle Scope

Before you go ahead and make your purchase, here are the things that you should look into so that you can understand long range rifles scopes a lot more. These are the product specifications that you should look into so that you purchase the perfect long range rifle scope for you.

Body of The Scope

The body of the scope can make a large difference when it comes to how the durable the scope will be. Most of the best scopes we chose are made from top-grade aluminum, so that’s what you should look into. You should also look into the feature of shock absorption because it will help you against accidents. Another feature to check is the weight of the rifle, the lighter it is, the better so that it will not tire you out.

Optics and Lenses

This is considered by most experts to be the essential feature that a rifle scope may have. Basically, if the rifle scope does not work properly, the other features it has will just be useless. In terms of lenses, you should go for finding one with the best possible coatings ever so that you will be protected.

Multi-coated optics is most recommended by the professionals, because this equips the scope against the glare of the sun, especially when the sun is beating down on your eyes.

Another feature is fog proof optics. Though this is quite expensive, they can offer some of the best possible value for money. Argon is the most common element to remove potential fog.


One feature of rifle scopes is a reticle, and this is a feature that is important when it comes to compensation, and this will ensure that you will be able to hit the target. Generally, the reticles will generally come in MOA or MIL, and this is a method of compensation and how much you must adjust the turrets on the scope when it is required.

Reticles can either be green or red, and this can be a great option to go with when you are night shooting. Green reticles can help when the backdrop is a little shiny, but both colors are essential for the different types of weather conditions.

They are available in different types of shapes and sizes, so you should go for the shape that you feel most comfortable with using it.

Objective Lens

The objective lens is another important feature for rifle scopes. Most people think that you must go for a larger objective lens, and this has a point. Because when the objective lens is large, the light transmission will be much higher.

Having more light would mean you will enjoy a much better vision, plus a clearer line of sight that can help you in the shooting. The rule of thumb for this is to go anywhere between 42 mm to 55 mm for the objective lens.

Magnification Power

Magnification is very important for long-range shooters, especially for those who hunt regularly. The better the magnification is, the clearer you will be able to see your target. Though the ideal magnification can be hard to determine, you can divide the objective lens size by 5 to identify the best magnification.

Some offer 10 times magnification, but if you are not someone who would really need the distance, you can go for the lower offerings.


What are the best long range rifle scopes?

There are many options for long range rifle scopes that it can be very difficult to narrow them down. Our advice is to review the buying guide that we have to provide and scour through the top 10 list. The Night Force Optics proves to be the best one overall, but Vortex and Nikon models are great options, even for people with budget constraints.

What scope did Chris Kyle use?

In the movie American Sniper, Chris Kyle used a Leupold Mark 4 as his rifle scope partnered with a McMillan TAC-338A.

Final Thoughts

Being a hunter or a long range shooter is much easier now than it ever was before, thanks to all these scopes that are available in the market today. There are so many that you can go with, coming with their own distinct features. As this can make the shopping experience a little harder, you can use this guide to help you weigh your options and pick the best among different long range rifle scope categories.

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