Best Magnetic Charging Cable Review In 2020

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Similar to food and water that are keeping humans stay alive, our phones and other devices require charging so we can use them continuously and efficiently. However, most of us encounter numerous troubles in charging, including breaking and damaging, making us more frustrated.

Hence, at this moment, a magnetic charging cable should answer these issues in charging dilemmas, to improve your experience and life with its stability and convenience it can deliver.

Magnetic Charging Cable

In the current state, people are living, the technological advancements that the world now has attained global innovations and many comfortable lives of humans.

In terms of phones and devices, they are useless without being charged. With the constant search for innovative products for phones, the magnetic charging cable is such a problem solver. These types of charging tools have magnetic tops that allow to strongly stick on charging ports of phones and devices and delivers fast charging capabilities.

Typically, people are mostly frustrated as these ports and tips are easily damaged due to constant usage and without adequate features that accommodate our daily usage. Nonetheless, the magnetic charging cable does the opposite of these. Rather, it provides a more safe and durable charging without damaging both cable and your devices.

It might be slightly confusing but, magnetic charging cables work by transmitting energy through the tips of the cable, and the devices will receive electromagnetic induction. With this, it enables users to experience faster-charging efficiency.

With numerous amounts of magnet charging cables in the market today, consumers are mostly confused about how to choose the best products there is for their certain needs. In this article, we have compiled a few of the greatest magnetic charging cables in 2020.

Best Magnetic Charging Cable In 2020

 1. NetDot 3 Pack Upgraded Nylon Braided USB Fast Charging Magnetic Micro USB Cable

Editor’s Rating: 4.1 out of 5

One of the best magnetic charging cables today, NetDot Magnetic Micro USB Cable, is an all-around charging cable. It is compatible with all kinds of Android mobile phones and employs an upgraded version of its cable, that authorized fast charging feature.

The cable has the sturdy and highest quality of nylon braiding that enhances its durability and keeps its speedy strength. It likewise reduced the chances of getting tangles, improving its portability and charging experience.

Also, the Bulletproof Aramid Fiber it carries greatly improved the overall quality of the cable and is five times powerful and durable compared to other cables. The exterior design is made of mylar covering and aluminum foil that provides additional protection of cable from effortlessly wearing off.

The plugin head of this magnetic cable is dustproof, protecting the charging port from the easy accumulation of dust, extending the lifespan of the cable. It likewise features fast data transmission for more flexible usage.


  – Upgraded magnetic cable with micro usb2.0 feature that supports superb fast charging

  – Charging on both side with one side for transferring data

  – LED light feature for power on indication

  – Tangle-proof design and Dust-proof feature to improve quality and charging experience

  – Excellent compatibility on all micro USB port Android devices

What We Like

  • The cable is really fast charging and saves more time
  • Magnetic capacity is strong

What We Don’t Like

  • Easy to knock off due to its connectors not connected flush

2. TOPK USB Magnetic Charging Nylon Braided Phone Charger Cable

Editor’s Rating: 4.1 out of 5

If you seek a universal magnetic cable charger that is compatible with many types of devices, TOPK USB Magnetic Charging Cable is best to deal with your needs. Apart from this, it features a LED blue light that assists your charging time at night. The package also comes with various cable lengths to serve you at any of your convenience.

It aids convenience and simple way for drivers when charging and discharging cable as it features a one-hand operating procedure. It was designed with a superb magnetic connection to reduce constant disconnection and smooth charging. The cable is made of high quality of nylon braid, designed to serve the most durable and sturdiest quality. It can withstand thousands of bending tests.


  – Cable tips are dust-proof to prevent charging ports from accumulating dust that could potentially damage the product

  – It has a built-in outstanding magnetic capacity that reduces the accidental disconnecting incidents

  – The design is favorable to most devices like iPhones, Android, and other devices

  – Intelligently designed with 90° L shape design and has a rotating head capacity that can twist 360°

  – Operates with one hand feature for charging and discharging

What We Like

  • It has a fast-charging capacity
  • It comes with universal ports that are compatible with most devices making life more convenient

What We Don’t Like

  • The cable does not support data transmission

3. NetDot 3rd Generation USB2.0 Magnetic Charging Cable Adapter

Editor’s Rating: 4.1 out of 5

The game-changer in the field of magnetic charging cables, the NetDot 3rd Generation Magnetic Charging Cable. The company, NetDot have given their all into constantly innovating their products that serve users with the best quality of products. In this 3rd generation version of their magnetic charging cable has improved charging speed and packed with the fastest data syncing capacity.

At a very affordable price, you can have three cables made from Bulletproof Aramid Fiber, giving strength and durability of the product up to five times stronger than ever. It is further protected by a mylar coat and aluminum foil protection for extended layers of defense from damage and wearing.

The dust-proof capacity it has allows the charging ports away from dust and prolonged period of usage. Transferring of data will be much faster, and additional protection was made to secure the cable from damage due to constant plugging.


  – The magnetic capacity is very strong and fast when charging

  – It has a tangle-proof capacity that reduces the inconvenience of tripping, tangling and messy cables

  – Compatibility is excellent and can be plugged to any Android devices with micro USB ports and even iPhone devices too, with the exception on the NetDot 2nd generation cable

  – The product has one year warranty and replacement

What We Like

  • It is easy to attach when charging and has powerful magnetic capacity

What We Don’t Like

  • There are instances that data transfer does not work due to disconnecting issue

4. Smart&Cool Gen4 Nylon Braided Two-Mode Magnetic Charging and Data Transfer Cable

Editor’s Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Smart&Cool Gen4 Two-Mode Magnetic Charging and Data Transfer Cable is an instant life-saver for you, as it was built to provide excellent charging and data transferring service. The design is extraordinary and brilliantly made, loaded with valuable features that are designated to enhance your experience and expectations in charging and data transfer.

Possess a built-in tracker; the cable will not only furnish the ability to save your battery from damaging but also oversee the charging process. With a single hand, the cable is easy to snap and provides drivers a more convenient experience. It also enhances the convenience of people with eyesight difficulties or handicapped.

The wire is made of nylon material that assures a longer lifespan of the product. The additional feature of LED light can indicate when the cable is working and charging efficiently. Just be cautious of dropping the tip on the tough surfaces as it is made of delicate material.


  – It is compatible with any micro USB Android products and Apple devices, except for Oculus Go and Motorola brands

  – One-hand operation is added for easy charging and discharging while driving, or for people with impaired visions and disability

  – It has a fast-charging feature that saves time and energy

What We Like

  • It has fast data transferring capacity
  • Very fast charging
  • Equipped with modern design

What We Don’t Like

  • Over time, the charging period gradually increases

5. A.S 3 in 1 Magnetic USB Cable

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Editor’s Rating: 4.2 out of 5

If you are a very critical person and is looking for a high-quality magnetic charging cable at an affordable price, worry no more because the A.S Magnetic USB Cable is here for you. The package comes with three cables in various lengths to provide you with the exact size you need anytime and anywhere.

It has improvised durability that can withstand bending tests over a thousand times. The built-in LED light feature will serve as an indication during night time. A.S also provides a smart chip that supports fast charging and also adapts fast transmission of 480Mbps speed. The package also includes various compatibility that can adapt to type c, L adapter, and micro USB.


  – Built-in strong magnetic design and LED light for a more convenient charging experience

  – It employs QC 2.0/3.0 that fast charges and protection from accidental overheating

  – The dust-proof capacity can help extend the life of the charger as it prevents it from accumulating dust

  – The braided nylon material it composed assures great durability of the cable that withstands numerous bending

  – It has various cable tips that adapt Type c, Micro USB, and iPhone devices ports

  – Comes with one year warranty

What We Like

  • Various cord lengths provide more convenience in charging at any areas
  • Very fast charging feature

What We Don’t Like

  • LED light indicator is always on even when used, causing a slight issue during night time

6. Digital Ant Gen-X Micro USB Nylon Braided Magnetic Charging Cable

Editor’s Rating: 4.2 out of 5

With a completely unique design and secured connection, Digital Ant Gen-X Micro USB Magnetic Charging Cable has the best durability and sleek design that attains your needs in a magnetic charging cable—designed with a sturdy aluminum alloy case that improves its durability. Bending should not be a problem as well, because the product is made of nylon braided material that can overcome several bending tests.

With the exception of Motorola and few iPad devices, the cable is highly compatible with any ports with micro and type c variants. Providing additional protection of your phone from dust, the magnetic tips of this product was improved according to the comfort of users.


  – High compatibility on any type c devices, micro USB ports, and few iPhone devices

  – It can transfer data up to 480Mbps and charging is much faster

  – The design and features are enhanced to give the product more stability and strong magnetic feature

  – Design and additional features are made to give convenience among drivers, disabled, impaired vision and oldies

  – With a warranty of 180 days

What We Like

  • The speed of data transmission is outstanding

What We Don’t Like

  • It does not support fast charging feature

 7.  Wsken Micro USB Magnetic Cable

Editor’s Rating: 3.9 out of 5

Wsken, a renowned brand that offers great innovation in producing quality magnetic charging cable. This unit is uniquely universal and can be used in almost any device. The USB 2.0 employs furnish faster transmission of data as much as possible.

Customized for the easy driving experience, the magnetic cable can be operated with one hand. It was even made to be durable to prevent any abrasions when charging and connecting. Intelligently designed, the Wsken Magnetic Cable has an LED light indicator to show if your device is charging or not.

You are even allowed to change the head and lighting depending on your needs. If fast charging is all you need, then this brand of the magnetic charging cable will surely suffice to your desires, for only an affordable price.


  – Employs USB 2.0 that allows faster data transmission and fuller speed of charging

  – It features a scratch and stretches resistance due to its nylon braided material

  – It has additional Anti-Oxidant feature that extends the life of the product and helps in faster relief of heat, and a dust-proof option for a more effective usage

  – Compatibility is outstanding and can connect to any android devices, and even iOS phones

  – One Year warranty is furnished and with a one-month money-back guarantee

What We Like

  • Very durable and performs very well
  • Faster charging time and transfer of data

What We Don’t Like

  • Fast charging capacity tends to decrease over time

8. UGI Magnetic Charger Cable

Editor’s Rating: 3.8 out of 5

Fully equipped with all your needs and desires in a magnetic charging cable, the UGI Magnetic Charger Cable is the real solution for your every need. Measuring 6.6 feet, the cable provides easy and convenient charging length that can use any given place.

Prepared with efficient usage due to its 360° rotating capacity, the magnetic charging cable can rotate at any angle. The clever and smart design it has allows any type of device to be compatible and ensures it can withstand numerous bendings. You can easily work on any devices with ease and in the fastest time of waiting to recharge. LED light helps users navigate the cable without turning the lights on at night.


  – It has L-shaped cable for more convenient charging in landscape mode or when playing games on mobile devices

  – It also has a straight cable with 360° rotating capacity for a more useful experience

  – Widest compatibility on almost any devices both Android and iOS

  – The plugs are dust-proof and with reversible magnetic absorption feature

What We Like

  • Compatibility level is high and universally used
  • The magnetic function is powerful
  • It has the convenience of 360° rotation

What We Don’t Like

  • It does not support fast charging and transferring of data

9. Dethinton Magnetic Charging Cable

Editor’s Rating: 3.8 out of 5

If you are seeking for a charger that will perform in a single hand, while giving a fast charging experience, then Dethinton Magnetic Charging Cable is perfect for you. It automatically connects with the charging port to assist people with poor or impaired eyesight.

It could be highly suitable for handicapped users and drivers. It has the superb magnetic capability that disconnection should be nothing to concern about anymore. The fast-charging capacity it has can help you conserve more time and energy, conveniently deliver you with valuable advantages.

Also, this product has great compatibility on many types of devices and phones. Made from an extremely durable material called nylon fiber, the cable will overcome a thousand times of bending. The LED night light has a soft blue touch to help in charging at night while preventing effortless damaging.


  – Equipped with an innovative and friendly design that has 360° rotation

  – It has a very sturdy magnetic capacity that is 7x more durable and does not easily fall or disconnected, yet effortless connection process

  – It employs fast charging capacity and saves a lot of time and energy

  – Highly compatible with various types of devices, like Android and iOS equipment

What We Like

  • Easy connection to the phone and very fast charging
  • Materials used and design are sturdy and constructed very well

What We Don’t Like

  • It is temporarily suspended its production

10. Mushan Magnetic Charging Cable

Image Source

Editor’s Rating: 3.6 out of 5

The Mushan Magnetic Charging Cable is every user is looking for in a magnetic charging cable. It is equipped with fast charging capability; it also allows you with the fastest data transfer there is.

Designed to be durable, the magnetic charging cable is also protected from effortlessly damaging, secured by the finest material of metal alloy. The cable is also hard to tangle as it uses a tangle-proof material of Nylon Fabric Woven. Disconnection should never be a problem because the product has strong protection from any abrasions that could keep the cable from connecting.

Being the best magnetic cable, the unit will allow you to charge any devices, either iOS or Android. The dust-proof feature also includes in the design of the product and surely extends the life of your magnetic charging cable, so you can utilize it for a longer time.


  – It has double-sided charging port to easily charge anytime at your amenity

  – High compatibility that is suitable to almost any devices and phones, including Android and iOS systems

  – With built-in port saver design to allow users, easy detachments, without wearing or damaging the charging ports of your phone

  – It does not only possess a sleek design but also very durable as it is Nylon Fabric braided that adds more durability over a thousand folds

What We Like

  • Durability is extraordinary
  • The cable is multifunctional and can be used on any devices
  • Strong magnetic capacity

What We Don’t Like

  • Few of its charging pins are short

Buyer’s Guide


Before thinking of purchasing that magnetic charging cable you saw online, consider a few things first to fully understand if it suits what you certainly need.


Being vigilant on the brand of the magnetic charging cable will truly help you on which product to select from. Typically, if a famous brand releases an innovative product, other competing companies will generate e similar products at a much lower cost. Technically, the quality of the imitation is usually different, hence purchasing from a known brand you trust will give you peace of mind.


Typically, magnetic charging cable has numerous types that accommodate various consumers. Some are meant for casual users, and some have additional features for critical people that have specific intentions and usage. Take note, the higher the products’ specifications, the higher it cost. Be wise in determining what you prefer and what functions and features truly assist your needs in a magnetic charging cable.

USB Type

Not all devices and phones have similar charging ports. There are numerous USB types, namely, Types A, B, C, and Mini USB. Identify first the charging port of your device before searching for its compatible magnetic charging cable.

Fortunately, there are types of magnetic charging cables that accommodate universal ports, which can be convenient to use. However, always take note to avoid USB-A type of cable. This kind of connector is generally wrong and can cause a short circuit when plugged in.


Another feature to look for in a magnetic charging cable is the durability of the overall product. You don’t want to constantly buy cables from time to time and waste a lot of money because you opt for a lower price than its quality. You should purchase cables that can resist any damages when twisted, stretched, and bend. Typically, nylon made material provides very good strength, while Aluminum mylar coating can provide high flexibility of the cable.

LED Lighting

Although this may be depending on your personal preference, an LED light feature can be a good factor to look for in a magnetic charging cable. Aside from giving light indicators during night time, it also operates as a monitoring feature to oversee the charging process of your devices. It could likewise serve as an indicator to effortlessly recognize whether your magnetic charging cable is broken or not.

Final Conclusion

In many cases, you want to charge your phone in a much advance and convenient manner, then a magnetic charging cable is the best way to experience a high quality of charging experience.

Basing on the list above, the products that stand out the most are A.S Magnetic USB Cable and the NetDot 3rd Generation Magnetic Charging Cable. Both of the products provide extraordinary and high-end durability with its unique materials used in designing. Both similarly employ a variety of charging cable types, giving users an additional convenience in charging. Apart from charging, both possess exceptional data transferring capacity that could reach up to 480mbps. The packages of both magnetic charging cables have a variety of lengths that help you choose, which gives you more freedom in using devices at any place. Both of the products have an improved fast charging feature and even utilize protection to prevent overheating and an unexpected fire occurrence.

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