Best Tablet Stands Review in 2020

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In recent years, we have seen the popularity of tablets and other mobile devices. They are not great for entertainment purposes but also for other things, such as productivity applications. Most of the time, they are used while being held. Still, it is much more preferable and even comfortable to get a stand. With a tablet stand, watching your favorite video, or adding a keyboard becomes easier.

The problem, however, is that there are so many options right now in the market. Choosing the best one can be a daunting task. To help you out, we created a list of the best tablet stands for 2020. We will be highlighting a feature that makes a model stand out. A buying guide is also prepared to help you make a wise purchasing decision.

Reviews on the Best Tablet Stands Review in 2020

  1. UGREEN Tablet Stand Holder – Light and Foldable


  • This tablet stand is compatible with tablets with sizes 4 to 11 inches, cellphones, and e-readers with a maximum thickness of 0.55 inches, including the case. It is also compatible with most tablets, both iOs, and Android.
  • It features a lightweight and portable design, with a foldable holder that is easy to slip inside your pockets during travel. It can also be placed in your office, kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc.
  • This tablet stand also comes with a multi-angle, adjustable feature, directly adjusting to the angle you prefer. This makes this stand ideal for watching videos, browsing, reading, recording, and more.
  • Construction-wise, it is durable and sturdy, thanks to its use of premium ABS material that supports this stand. It uses silicone pads for the bottom and cradle, thus protecting both the tablet and the stand from scratches and sliding.
  • All-in-all, this tablet stand is designed to let you free your hands. It offers a secure and safe mount for your devices. With its design, it is a smart option to place your mobile device, either in portrait or landscape mode, thus giving your hands rest and break as you enjoy the things that you do with your tablet or device.

2. Amalen Portable Multi-Angle Stand for Tablets – Affordable and Functional


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  • The multi-angle tablet stands from Anker is an amazing option for those who require something that is both functional and affordable. This model features a foldable design which makes it easier for you to travel with its rubberized feet, giving it excellent grip and stability.
  • This model works really well with all types of tablets, regardless of size. Thanks to its foldable design, it can have the angle adjusted easily. Because of its compact form, this model may also double as a smartphone stand.
  • This tablet stand is designed to work with all e-readers and smartphones with sizes 4 to 10 inches. It is ideal for watching videos, video recording, reading, or even browsing the web simply. It can also be conveniently adjusted between 9 different angles for viewing at an easy press of a button, making sure that you can get the best angle.
  • Its durable aluminum body only weighs 3.6 ounces, with a load capacity of up to 11 pounds. With an angle precision of 1 degree, you can adjust it virtually to any possible angle. All you need to do is to press a button to make the adjustment. This design allows for viewing in both landscape and portrait positions.
  • As it is made out of solid aluminum materials, this tablet stand is known to handle loads of up to 11 lbs, which means that it can take years before it will suffer from common wear and tear. Its use of elegant silver finish also complements most models of tablets and devices.

3. OMOTON Desktop Cell Phone/Tablet Stand – Multi-Purpose Stand


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  • This tablet stand is made out of updated solid material. It has adopted 4mm thickness of aluminum material, which is regarded as 25% times thicker compared to a standard stand. It is also 3 times more stable, making it even one of the most sold stands that you have ever tried.
  • It also features wide compatibility with devices, including e-readers, mobile phones, Nintendo Switch, and others. This includes compatibility with different sizes of mobile phones, Nintendo switch, and different e-readers, even with the heavy-duty case on.
  • Another great thing about this tablet stand is that it also offers anti-slippery and anti-scratch features. In fact, it is equipped with bigger silicone pads that provide protection to your device against scratch or slipping during use.
  • With its suitable viewing angle, you can easily place your phone at an ideal viewing angle, ranging from 40 to 45 degrees base, with its 19mm in length hook.
  • Aside from all its basic features, this tablet stand also uses a similar CNC technology as that of Macbook, which means that you can enjoy its comfortable touch even right on edge. OMOTON, the manufacturer of this tablet stand is known to surpass expectations easily.

4. AmazonBasics Adjustable Tablet StandMulti-Angle Viewing for Convenience


  • In terms of compatibility, this tablet stand is compatible with devices such as iPads, Kindle Fire, as well as other e-readers and tablets, whether with or without a sleeve or case.
  • It is highly portable, fitting right into any bag or even in your pocket. This means that you can easily bring this tablet around.
  • It also features a non-skid base design, which means that it can provide protection to your tablet, as it keeps the stand secure, especially on flat surfaces.
  • In terms of purchase safety, this product is backed up by AmazonBasics’ one-year warranty. This means that if something happens to the product, you can request assistance from the distributor.
  • The shipment of this product is usually praised by many customers, especially the way it is handled with frustration-free packaging.

5. Lamicall Tablet Stand Adjustable – Rubber Feet Stability


  • This tablet stand offers wide compatibility, applying to tablet PCs with sizes ranging from 4 to 13 inches. In fact, even if you use a bigger tablet, one that is more than 12 inches, you can easily set it horizontally, thus maintaining more stability.
  • This tablet stand adjusts easily, supporting both horizontal and vertical viewing. It features a hook width of 18mm, which is why it is also important to ensure that the thickness of your tablet, including the case, is no more than 18mm.
  • Construction-wise, this tablet stand comes with rubber pads and feet, thus protecting your device from sliding and scratches that could easily happen every day.
  • This stand is designed to improve your lifestyle even further. As such, it is ideal for playing games, viewing photos, watching videos, typing, reading, video recording, and others.
  • This tablet stand is also constructed using spaceflight Al-Ti alloy, as well as super high strengthened alloy steel material, thus making it possible to have lighter weight and higher strength.

6. MBLAI Tablet Stand Holder – Easy Charging Design


  • This tablet stand is designed with durability in mind. In fact, this tablet stand is built using aerospace aluminum – a product that is known to last a lifetime.
  • It also comes with an adjustable multi-angle feature. It can even be adjusted up to an angle of 270 degrees, thus making it ideal for watching or recording views, video recording, and even reading at a very comfortable angle.
  • This stand also features anti-slip silicone rubber pads and feet. This ensures added protection for your tablet or smartphone against sliding and scratches that could easily damage your equipment.
  • This product is also protected by one year warranty. This means that if there is a defect on the item or other quality issues, the manufacturer can provide a refund unconditionally, along with a friendly customer service support.

7. Tablift Tablet Stand – Best for Uneven Surfaces


  • The universal design of this tablet stand works really well with almost any tablet model out there. If the tablet comes with a case, it should only be less than 10mm in thickness.
  • This tablet stand also offers compatibility with Apple products, both full size, and mini sizes. The Pro models need to be used along with a hard case. It can also be used with Samsung Galaxy tablets of all sizes and models, along with other tablets in the market.
  • The design of this tablet stand makes it possible to fit any tablet, provided that they have an edge that will easily fit into its 100mm wide slots.
  • One thing interesting about this model is that it comes with a stable and flexible mount design that makes it perfect on top of a couch, bed, as well as other uneven surfaces.

8. Rolodex Mesh Collection Tablet Stand – Also Best for Mobile Devices


  • The Rolodex Mesh collection tablet stand is an amazing option for those who require something that is both reliable and travel-friendly. Among its interesting features include a simple foldable construction, along with a lightweight design.
  • This tablet stand is mostly made out of metal and can easily work with almost any type of tablet without worrying about its size. In fact, it is compatible with most models of tablets, PDAs, smartphones, as well as e-readers in either landscape or portrait view.
  • This model of tablet stand offers the feature of angle adjustment. In fact, it features five positions. When this stand is collapsed, the stand can become amazingly thin. Its intuitive design easily adjusts up to 5 positions, which means that you can have the best viewing angle, along with convenient access to charging ports and control buttons.
  • Design-wise, its mesh collection desk accessory offers an elegant and simple industrial look, along with sturdy metal construction. It is also compact and collapsible, allowing for convenient storage and portability. It also comes with non-skid feet that prevent unnecessary desktop scratches.
  • In terms of size, it comes with a dimension of 3.35 inches (length), 1.54 inches (width), and 5.04 inches (height).

9. iKross Kitchen Tablet Mount Stand 2-in-1 Stand – Sleek and Stylish Appeal


  • This tablet stand is designed with amazing compatibility. It features a bracket that adjusts between 6 and 8.7 inches, thus accommodating most of the newer 7 to 13-inch tablets.
  • Its design is modern and attractive to the eyes. With its sleek holder complementing any kitchen countertop perfectly, and even on nightstands, desktops, cashier tables, and countertops, you have a tablet stand that will meet your needs.
  • It also offers a number of mounting options, designed for versatility and convenience, allowing you to enjoy it in different viewing angles. Work and view on your tablet without worrying about your device easily tipping over.
  • It also features sturdy construction, thanks to its use of a heavy-duty brushed aluminum base that is completely adjustable, folding down with a removable tablet holder, ensuring clutter free viewing.
  • This tablet stand offers both easy operation and easy installation. With its 360 degrees adjustable holder for the most comfortable and ideal viewing angles. It even has a simple release button, allowing for easy mounting and dismounting.
  • It is also easy to install, as it comes with 2 under cabinet and wall mounting plates. It also has installation hardware that allows for a desired mounting location. This means that you can easily have access to your favorite online recipes, get your favorite apps, or watch movies using your tablet.

10. CTA Digital 2-in-1 Kitchen Mount Stand – Suited for Bigger Tablets


  • This tablet stand is praised for its expansive compatibility. In fact, it comes with a slide adjust holder that can hold any tablet between 6 to 8 inches in width. It also features a stylish design, thanks to its sleek aluminum body that can be folded easily for portability and easy storage, while still offering amazing stability to your tablet.
  • It is also perfect for your office desk, classroom wall, or even underneath your kitchen counter. With its easy installation, the unique design of this tablet stand can accommodate 3 display modes – wall, tabletop, and under the cabinet.
  • For both wall and under cabinet display, this tablet stand offers two easy to mount stand cradles. All you need to do is to fold the legs in, tucking them inside for faster set up and takedown.
  • This table stand has all angles covered. In fact, it is equipped with several flexible joints, along with a 360-degree rotating headpiece. This further allows you to enjoy every display angle possible.
  • Another interesting feature of this model is a quick-release button. This makes it possible to resize, insert, and remove the tablet. This is the best option for those who are in food delivery, healthcare facilities, pickup services, as well as virtual offices, and more.

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Tablet Stands Review

When it comes to getting the best tablet stand for your needs, a number of features need to be taken into consideration. Here are some of them:

  • Ease of Use

This feature is very important when considering the purchase of a tablet stand. You certainly would not want to get a product that will be very challenging to use. A tablet stand that is easy to use often requires minimum assembly and disassembly. This makes it convenient for you even when you are rushing.

  • Adjustability

Tablets usually come in different sizes. If you only have a fixed height position for a stand, it may not work with all. This is also true if you need to work at a desk. The tablet stand should have an adjustable height. A good tablet stand is one that will allow you to tweak the height of the stand as needed.

  • Durability

It is also as important to pay attention to the durability and sturdiness of a tablet stand. When selecting the best stand, check the materials used in its construction. As a back-up, you can also check the warranty information. This will further determine whether the tablet stand that you have purchased is durable or not.

  • Materials/Construction

This is another vital factor to be considered when you are out buying tablet stands. Your chosen stand should be made out of sturdy construction materials that do not easily break. This will further give you a guarantee that your device will remain safely on the stand.


With the options on tablet stands above, you can finally say goodbye to struggling with the need to hold your phone or tablet. This means that you can avoid straining your wrists or fingers, or take the risk of placing your device on poor, unsteady surfaces. Each of the tablet stands mentioned above offer a specific feature that makes it worthy of your attention. With this review, you can expect to get a good product and enjoy your purchase at the same time.

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