Best Wireless Charging Side Table Review in 2020

Set aside your memories for a dying battery with a wireless charging facility. Wireless charging has been taking space in the market for quite a while now. It was known when the pioneer in electricity, Nikola Tesla, exhibited magnetic resonant coupling – the capability to deliver electricity via air by making a magnetic field between circuits which is the transmitter and the receiver.

For around 100 years, this technology has been a creation with not so many practical uses. However, it is just recently that it began to take off. More and more companies have been joining the competition with the pervasive QI wireless charging definitive.

Benefits of Wireless Charging Side Table

Wireless charging is already adapted, and with the presumption of future technology, wireless charging will stay forever. We see more wireless charging side tables in the market nowadays. Experts say that it is only a matter of some time until the charging ports from mobile devices disappear.

Wireless charging is not always a perfect replacement for plugging in; however, it is a very conducive approach to keep your device loaded throughout the day. Wireless charging on your side table indicates that there would be no longer a need to plug and unplug throughout the day, yet fully charges your device as soon as you get home from work.

Wireless charging side tables address a lot of issues that are often related to wired charging facilities. It can either be created through external charging cases or setup into the device, which makes it achievable to maximize magnets that consolidate electromagnetic fields from one unit for it to create an electric current into a metallic coil that is within another unit.

The key advantage of using the wireless charging side table is that it can be utilized by many kinds of devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets. It entirely makes the approach less troublesome by never involving wired chargers since wireless charging side table facilities have turn commonly accessible in public areas worldwide.

Wireless charging side tables have many benefits. Here are the advantages of this technology:

Always Powered

Wireless charging side tables are common in restaurants, coffee shops, offices, airports, and even in homes. You can go around your hectic schedule without minding the status of your phone’s battery. No worries, no trouble – you can focus on what is significant, like the lecture you have to give or the report that is due tomorrow.

Flawless Experience

The next time you will have an urgent meeting in an elegant conference room or a restaurant, take a glance at the tables. There is a big possibility that you will see a lot of mobile devices placed on top of the tables, next to their owners commonly sitting right next to it, checking whether they have a new text message or a missed call.

This is how the wireless charging side tables smoothly fit into your life. With this great innovation, people can keep similar behavior of putting the mobile device on the closest table, and the device will automatically charge. How convenient is that?

No Wear and Tear

I bet that there are plenty of instances wherein you take a call from your mobile device, forgetting that your device is still connected to a cabled charger – thus tearing it intrusively from the charger. Frequently plugging in and out your phone without taking extra care on the fragile charging port is a common act done by people even if they are not doing it on purpose.

With the wireless charging side tables, since there is no need to plug in a charging cable, the port of your mobile device is kept intact. No more wear and tear because of deterioration or intrusive use.

Clean Surface

Interspersed wireless charging spots make a mess-free environment. There will be no more cables required on the table to charge the device. There are plenty of studies that support why a messy table makes an exasperating environment. Clearing away the cables from the tables will make a more pleasant and more efficient spot to finish some work while you are enjoying your morning coffee.

Wireless charging may also lower the volume of power adapters and cables you need to use to have a custom assembled for your application or device.

Safer and Secured

The universal wireless charging standard gets rid of the requirement to have various cables for various smartphones and also reduce the requirement for international voltage adapters when going abroad. Generally, this makes a much secure and safer environment since the gadget is no longer openly subjected to the factors that can enormously injure it.


The wireless charging side table is convenient when electrical attachments are not accessible, and the battery is entrenched in the unit, and if the unit cannot be contacted. Wireless charging is most essential in food products and medical devices where bacteria levels or electrical shock should be kept to a low level, and no electrical attachments are permitted.

A wireless charging side table placed next to your bed will make it easy for your phone to be grabbed. It is a convenient method to put power into your gadget. It is easy to use – just place the device on the charging cushion. It exerts less strain on the port of your device

Best 10 Wireless Charging Side Tables

Although there are plenty of side table products integrated with wireless charging capability, you cannot easily choose one without knowing the features and limitations of the brand. A lot would promise to provide the best service, but not all can live with these promises. Thus, it is always recommended to review the wireless charging side table brand before finally deciding to buy it.

How do you know a good wireless charging side table? How do you determine if the unit can give you the kind of service that you are looking for in a wireless charging side table? How do you find the best one? You need to be smart when making your choice as the market is already bombarded with plenty of brands and models that may lead you to confusion.

To help you with your decision to buy the best wireless charging side table, here is a list of the best wireless charging side tables that you can get now. Learn from these items and determine which among them would fit best on your needs.

1. The Fonesalesman FurniQi Wireless Charging Side Table

Best Overall

  • Bamboo-made
  • Can serve as an end table
  • Works with any Qi-compatible device

The FurniQi Wireless Charging side table is a beautiful bamboo-made table that is designed with a remote charging pad set to charge your phone, but despite this purpose, it still has space so you can still place a clock on it.

The table has a height of 18 inches, so it would be great to be displayed as an end table either in your family room or in your bed. The Qi attributed cushion is singled out with a little circle so you would know where to insert your phone for charging. An unassuming line appears out of the leg of the table to provide the facility to charge the device. The rounded top is roughly 16-creeps in diameter. It functions with any Qi-compatible android phone or the latest iPhones.

This wireless charging side table is highly recommended. Aside from the fact that it is a beautiful household accessory that is versatile, it is amazing for clutching up your phone without any wire.

2. i-Box Portable Smart Side Table Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless and USB Charging Dock

Best Combo of Bluetooth speaker and Charging spot

  • In-built 5W wireless charger
  • In-built rechargeable battery
  • Wireless charging Bluetooth speaker

Be oriented with the newest innovation of i-box – the Portable Smart Side Table Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless and USB charging dock. Putting all together with the answer to your requirements from Bluetooth speaker and charging spot into a classy table.

Smoothly interspersed underneath the surface of the table, there is the in-built 5W wireless charger. This implies that you can easily put your compatible gadget on the designated charging spot of the table, and you will immediately be provided with the charging facility without any wires used. This device is compatible to work on iPhone 8/11/X/8Plus, Samsung S7/S8/S9/S10, and all Qi-enabled gadgets. It is also equipped with a USB port to cater to wired charging.

Other than its charging functionality, it also features superior 20W stereo speakers with an in-built subwoofer for a mesmerizing audio experience and excellent quality music playback – streaming through Bluetooth from your tablet or smartphone is made easy. It also comes with a rechargeable battery. If you intend to bring the table speaker outdoor, the smart side table can cover you. With an in-built battery (4,000mAh) that caters up to 4 straight hours of music playback, you will have an available music and charging station wherever you will go.

3. Brightech Owen Wireless Charging Table

Best Combo for Lamp and Wireless Charging

  • Combined end table with in-built lamp with wireless charging facility
  • Wood shelf nightstand
  • Ideal for narrow spaces

Brightech Owen has an in-built QI standard wireless charging cushion, a USB port, and an outlet so you can easily charge your mobile gadgets as well as your laptops conveniently.

Physically, you will see that the Brightech Owen wireless charging table has an impressive look. It has a wooden body and white emphasis, with mild white light. It has a small size, roughly 18.5 inches in diameter. The size is ideal in narrow spaces. Also, this device functions well with smart outlets that are Apple HomeKit, Google Home Assistant, or Alexa enabled, to power on or off.

4. i-Star QI Wireless Charging Smart Table

Simplest but Useful

  • Portable designs
  • Simple but useful
  • Playback control

This simple but classy looking table is equipped with a high-power surround sound Bluetooth as well as an aux player having a sound projection of 360 degrees. But other than these functions, this smart table also serves as a power bank for the smart gadgets and a wireless charging device for all smartphones that are wirelessly charging-enabled.

It is built from a durable black walnut hardwood. Its speakers are covered in grey fabric. With its huge 6600 mAh in-built battery and 7 hours of music playback time without charging, you may conveniently move the table to any corner of your home.

Charging your device through this smart table would be an easy task to do. Simply place the wireless charging-enabled gadget over the table, and it will instantly initiate the charging. i-Star QI limits your docks, chargers, and wires and provides your home a cleaner appearance.

Also, with the 4 buttons in the speakers, you have full control of the music playback. These buttons let you turn on and off the charging table, pause or play the music, manage volume, and even take calls from the phone.

5. ChargeTech Power Table

Most Industrially-Used

  • Comes with 6 cables intended for charging many devices
  • Has 1 wireless charging hotspot
  • Station cables are built from industrial-quality weaved acrylic

Power Table is a table charging station that is commonly seen in bars, lounging areas, retail locations, restaurants, and trade shows. This furniture comes with 6 cables intended for charging many devices: 3 MFi Apple Lightning cable for iPad and iPhone, 3 micro USB cables designed for android devices. It has 1 wireless charging hotspot. The station cables are built from industrial-quality weaved acrylic. The acrylic cover creates electrical components and underlying artwork waterproof.

This charging station is built with superior, industrial-grade materials to guarantee it can withstand the pressure of frequent usage. The tabletop and side panel can be customized to endorse your marketing.

6. Alphasonik Bluetooth + Wireless Charging Speaker Table

Best Contemporary Accent

  • QI Wireless charging facility
  • 360 degrees Bluetooth speaker
  • Modern look

Alphasonik offers a contemporary accent table. The Alphasonik Bluetooth + Wireless Charging Speaker Table has a height of 25 inches. The modern emphasis of this unit perfectly matches any contemporary setting. It is exhibited in a smooth piano-black finish covered in black fabric. This table is equipped with a reliable in-built Bluetooth speaker and wireless QI charging-abled smart gadgets. The table itself secures a big rechargeable battery so you can conveniently move it wirelessly.

They say that the future is seen to be wireless. The in-built wireless charging facility lets you simply place your smart gadget in the middle part of that table-top over the QI symbol, and it will automatically initiate the charging of your device. Alphasonik works with all wirelessly-enabled devices such as Samsung, iPhone, and more. However, it is important to know that the wireless charging facility can only function if your device is not wrapped with a protective casing.

Other than its wireless facility, Alphasonik is equipped with 10 most advanced drivers (4 passive bass radiators, 4 speakers, and 2 tweeters), which are encased behind the fabric that produces a crystal clear audio. This wireless charging table creates a complete 360 degrees stereo effect creating massive audio to occupy any large room. There are also 2 USB ports and AUX port in the unit, which are suitably positioned on the rear side without prejudicing the style and design. The ports are used to activate devices that need a cable or play any music from any device through the attached AUX cable.

7. MTS Wireless Charging Table

Best Facility for Music Control

  • Wireless charging
  • Touch buttons for music control
  • Tempered glass

MTS wireless charging table is a contemporarily styled smart table that features a tempered glass to come up with a more sophisticated look. This device works as a power bank for a smartphone and also as an audio device. It is simple to operate and easy to move around. With this wireless charging table, you can keep away the messy wires by simply putting your gadget on the designated charging spot.

Other than its wirelessly charging facility, the smart table is also equipped with a Bluetooth device pairing, TV-AUX-USB. It also has some touch buttons located on top of the top table, which allows you to control the music.

8. Brightech Madison Wireless Charging Table

Best Space Saver

  • Space saver
  • Mid-century modern wood side table
  • Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Home Assistant compatible

The Madison wireless charging table of Brightech is a slender table that has a dimension of 18 x 18 inches. It is quite small in comparison to typical nightstands that have a dimension of 20 x 20 inches. The unit is equipped with wireless charging and a USB port intended for your mobile gadgets such as Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, and Kindle tablet. It operates with small outlets which are compatible with Google Home Assistant, Apple HomeKit, or Alexa enabled devices, to either turn on or off.

The Madison wireless charging table is small enough to fit in narrow rooms. Also, you would love to get this device because it is exhibited with a floor lamp, too – the lamp is already connected to the table. The attachment of the lamp on the side of the table utilizes the serviceable area on the table.

This wireless charging table and the standing lamp has an impressive mid-century appearance mainly because of its emulated shade and wood. You may want to put this table as a farmhouse, country, or western décor.

9. Brightech Sky Ultra LED Wireless Charging Table

Most Multi-Functional Design

  • Modern functional design
  • In-built shelf and wireless charging facility
  • Dimmable 40W LED

Never disorganize your phone again with the Brightech Sky Ulta LED wireless charging table. You benefit its feature of great lighting along with a useful shelf with an in-built QI Standard wireless charging cushion and a USB port that lets you charge and keep your devices conveniently and easily. However, there is a limitation that the gadget you are using is capable of wireless charging.

Sky Ultra is an essential standing upright light that addresses the need for your office or your home for bright light. The lamp has an interspersed 40W LED that produces 2260 lumens of lighting.

10. Sierra Smart Table with Built-in Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Charger

Most Suitable for Contemporary Setting

  • Elegant and functional
  • QI Wireless charging
  • 360 degrees Bluetooth speaker

Bringing out the contemporary designed table, Sierra Smart Table is 25 inches tall. Its modern design suits any contemporary setting. Exhibiting a beautiful black walnut wood covered in grey fabric. It is equipped with a Bluetooth speaker and a wireless QI charging that is suitable for the latest smart devices that are wirelessly enabled. The table itself uses a big rechargeable battery so you can conveniently move it for several hours and use it wirelessly.

The unit is equipped with 4 advanced tweeters, speakers, and a sub that are covered behind the grey fabric, releasing clear audio. The table creates a 360 degrees full stereo output creating giant audio to occupy any big room. The wireless charger lets you place your smart gadget on top of the corresponding symbol. Its wireless charging capability can work with any wirelessly enabled gadgets like the Samsung and iPhone. However, you have to make sure that your device is not wrapped with a protective cover to make the wireless charger work.

Buying Guide

Wireless charging devices were already in the market for many years now. If you long to avail the advantage of the wireless charging side table, you might have to personally go out and check the market.

There are some things to consider when buying your wireless charging side table:

Style, Size, and Shape

Wireless charging side tables are available in different sizes and shapes. They are fashionable and easy to use. Just place your phone over it, and it will instantly charge. If you like to charge multiple devices and do not like to be troubled with constant monitoring on your devices, the wireless charging side table would be great.

The maker of the Wireless Charging Device

The most prominent wireless charging standard is Qi. It would be best if you get a wireless charging device that complements the standards of your phone’s application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quite a portion of technology ventures into creating an accessory that influences life that much simpler. A lot of wireless chargers come through the form of a side table. However, you should not allow yourself to be fooled by the minimal exteriors. There are several things you should understand before you decide to buy a wireless charging side table. Here are the common questions normally asked by people when opting to buy this kind of creation:

Which wireless charging pad is best?

The best wireless charging pad should have the best integration of essential features and more perks. It should be simple for easy access.

Is a 10W wireless charger good?

Yes, 10W wireless chargers are good. They sufficiently work for typical speed charging. And although fast charging does not provide quite as essential of a benefit as it does with the wired charging, it can still lower the time of your charging – assuming that your gadget supports it.

Is it bad to wireless charge overnight?

Smartphones are designed to inhibit their batteries from becoming overloaded. If you wirelessly charge your device overnight, it will normally reach 100 percent capacity and then stop. The charger will continue to up the battery each time it lowers to 99 percent. This may somewhat diminish the lifespan of the battery.


People would likely bring many cables for mobile devices so they can charge them whenever needed – which somehow drags out their lifestyle and online use. This happens to be a disturbing cost burden since people normally buy charging cables for their workspaces, cars, and homes. The sad fact is that these charging cables do not have a long lifespan, especially if they are often used daily. With the introduction of the wireless charging side table, people can finally address the hassle of bringing many cables.

Wireless charging side tables have a long way to take before it finally replaces the wired charging units. However, technology has dramatically progressed over the past few years. People with the latest smartphone devices and other gadgets can benefit the concept – simply put your gadget on a charging cushion. In just a matter of a few minutes, your device will earn more power and did not have the trouble dealing with cables and wires to charge it.

Weighing the list of wireless charging side tables, the best among them is the Fonesalesman FurniQi Wireless Charging Side Table. The brand performs exactly as how it is promoted. The features are highly remarkable, and the built is amazingly built to come up with a piece of beautiful furniture. Next to the Fonesalesman FurniQi Wireless Charging Side Table is the i-Box Portable Smart Side Table Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless and USB Charging Dock.

Each item on the list is impressive in its set of features. Simply assess your requirements and determine whether any of them would meet your needs. Remember that this technology does not involves cables and wires; thus, if you do not feel comfortable with this set-up, then you should get a wired charger. Also, the wireless charging side table is commonly compatible with devices that are wirelessly-charging enabled.

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