Best XLR Cables Review

Hooking microphones and other balanced output gears through XLR are likely to appear like an easy task until you face some difficulties and handle concerns such as dropouts, crackling or grounding noise, and interference.

Fortunately, these concerns are easily addressed now through the best XLR cables. However, you might have the wrong perception that all kinds of XLR cables are the same. Well, you might have to think again and do your research.

Musicians mostly used balanced XLR cables to hook their microphones and their gear into the mixing consoles. XLR cables are significant because they work to close off the interference while sending the sound, at times, over great distances. Hence, when buying a cable, you have to ensure that they will give the clean sound you want without the annoyance of interference. So, if you are planning to play live, or thinking to record from the studio, ensure that the sound is crisp and free from interference by getting the best XLR cable.

List of Best XLR Cables

You may have witnessed a lot of familiar cases. Musicians are shelling out a big amount of money to buy equipment that is meant to create the cleanest possible sound, free from obstruction. Unfortunately, after dedicating long hours thinking about which cable to buy, and after spending a big amount of money on these cables, some would readily buy the product without any hesitation, not even learning what they are getting.

To help you get the best XLR cable, we have gathered the best brands that could probably suit your needs.

1. GLS Audio 25-foot Mic Cable

Best Overall

  • High-quality components
  • 21 gauge conductors
  • Heat resistant

If searching for the excellent XLR cable, you should highly consider GLS Audio 25-foot Mic Cable. Its length is sufficient enough to cater to the majority of stage sizes. In addition to that, the cable features impressive 21 gauge conductors which are built from copper. It was meticulously developed with the integration of the newest technological advancements.

GLS cable can support a heavy capacity of electrical power and distribute more insulation and armoring. Furthermore, it is made to oppose heat effectively and to inhibit overloading.

The cable is made with a rubber stress-relieved jacket as well as a shield that is ductile and wide enough to utilize it in rehearsal and in the home-studio atmosphere. Its performance has been proven to be exceptional without causing buzz from any gear. The reduction of the floor noise is essential, and the sound is entirely deformity-free, without scratchiness and intrusions. It has three-pin connectors on every end. It also features dual-insulated conductors.

2. Mogami GOLD STUDIO – 15

Best Sturdy and Adaptable Building

  • Designed both for home and professional studios
  • Has double-conductor quad wire
  • Has coiled shield
  • Has high conductivity

Mogami GOLD STUDIO is an original creation from Japan and is seen to be one of the best XLR cables in the market despite the relatively disappointing length, which is only 15 feet.

The cable is designed to suit both the home and professional studios. Its primary goal is to revoke the electromagnetic interferences and radiofrequency. It also performs a remarkable job when it comes to sending a specific audio signal with minimal noise. It has a double-conductor quad wire and exhibits a coiled shield which is built from bare copper.

It features high conductivity, which allows preserving signal integrity. Also, it is highly flexible and can be contorted in confined difficult-to-reach areas. It comes in black covering with connectors that are plated in gold, which are not susceptible to corrosion. Furthermore, it secures an XLPE insulation to facilitate a water-free enhancement, flow, and thermal resistance. It also works to facilitate the escape of short circuits and strained levels.

3. AmazonBasics XLR Cable

Best Audio Quality for Live Sound and Moderate Recording

  • Features all-copper conductor
  • Has interior coiled shielding
  • Has a PVC jacket

As to how the name entails, AmazonBasics XLR Cable, this one is a basic XLR cable, featured with an all-copper conductor and interior coiled shielding. Regardless of its basic structure, this one manages to excel because of its quality construction. Primarily, AmazonBasics consumes the standard design of the industry as well as its components to record in the studio and play live. AmazonBasics executes to produce them in equal quality for commonly less of the price.

The all-copper conductors attached to this cable guarantee excellent sound quality with minimal feedback. The coiled shielding is built from copper to establish security to the cable and reduce noises and interferences. The design is enduring and rigorous. It also features a PVC jacket with an outer diameter of 6mm.

The most visible strong point of AmazonBasics is the value for money. Throughout the years, this cable had maintained its quality and continues to amuse the users, if not exceed their expectations. The cable is highly appreciated because it facilitates the completion of the job without requiring a huge amount of money, particularly if applied in tight PA system setups. Furthermore, sound technicians also adore the elasticity of the cable.

The cable is a standard item to attach the mic to the device input that is designed with phantom power.

4. LyxPro LCS Premium LCS1215P Balanced XLR Cable

Best Versatile Gauge

  • Oxygen-free copper
  • Gold-plated contact points
  • Durable braided shield

Although LyxPro is not the biggest brand in the industry, nonetheless, its cable is mostly preferred. With a length of 15 feet, a 98 percent braided shield, a jacket to lower noise, and a gold-plated contact point, this XLR cable seems to achieve these marks. The cable has been utilized and used for a wide variety of performances.

LyxPro LCS is very sturdy and is expected to withstand the pressure developed by traveling and playing live performances. The cable is built with oxygen-free copper within the braided shield, while the contact points combat deterioration and other probable blows.

The cable is not inflexible at all and is made with 2 PVC conductors. Besides, LyxPro LCS becomes an ideal substitution for DMX lighting cables.

5. Hosa HMIC-010 REAN

Best Quality Conductors

  • Has branded and silver-plated connectors
  • Conductors are built from oxygen-free copper
  • Great corrosion resistance

The Hosa HMIC-010 REAN XLR cable highlights branded and silver-plated connectors, which are useful in flawlessly transmitting the signal and to control noises, if there are any, to become inaudible.

The cable uses conductors that are built from oxygen-free copper of the superior purity, which expands the electrical conductivity by 1 percent and offers enormous thermal conductivity. The same kind of conductors is also known for their great corrosion-resistance.

Hosa HMIC can endure usage of up to 25 years, even at high-leveled temperatures. Those characteristics have given competence to this cable to either work on stage or in studios. Because of the ideal ratio of signal to noise, it allows the signal power to govern the noise power.

The cable is compatible with any microphone as long it has an XLR connection, whether it needs phantom power or passive. Furthermore, it is made to hook speakers into the XLR mixer. It is important to warm up the studio microphone at least 20 to 30 minutes before using the cable to avoid hardware concerns.

6. Cable Matters 2-Pack Cable

Best for Home and Professional Tool

  • 25 feet long
  • Features oxygen-free copper conductors
  • Copper braided shielding

The Cable Matters 2-Pack Cable is prominent for its length, which is 25 feet along with the 2 units in a pack. This cable is structured professional low-resistance microphones and may link certain audio equipment as power amplifiers and mixers. Moreover, it is ideal for hooking 2 Bluetooth speakers to play simultaneously.

Aside from that, it highlights oxygen-free copper conductors to work even for an extended period without any hassle and gives a precise sound, which is entirely pure and as near as possible to the first audio.

It exhibits copper braiding shielding to effectively get rid of the noises. Its connectors are in black metal and solid. It also has gold-plated pins. Although this cable is not conducting as well as the silver-plated pins, it still does not impair through time. The sleeves that serve as cable protection are built from solid rubber.


Best Budget Cable to Provide Clean Sound

  • Durable and consistent
  • Offers close connections
  • Can be used with microphones and musical instruments

CBI MLZ LowZ is an excellent quality XLR cable that is durable and consistent. Its length is 20 feet. It offers close connections and reacts no worse than the sophisticated models. It is an ideal cable for small stages with immobile microphones which are commonly connected on the stand. It is easily cleaned and a good feel. Also, it creates a clear, clean, and crisp sound without generating interference.

This cable is aimed at sending a low-resistance signal with 200 to 600 Ohms. It can be utilized with both microphones and musical instruments. Remember that it cannot fasten to the microphone or amp and provide phantom power to the mic. Nevertheless, it can work with dynamic microphones. Overall, CBI MLZ LowZ is a suitable tool for home music sets; nevertheless, it is unlikely suggested for any serious events or recording.

8. RoadHOG Mic HOGM – 30.K

Best XLR Cable to Use Neurik Plugs

  • Features a full-copper conductor
  • 30 inches length
  • Uses Neutrik plugs

RoadHOG explains this cable as a sturdy and road-worthy XLR cable. Mic HOGM – 30.K features a full-copper conductor that is coated in copper. The conductor act shield that wraps approximately 95 percent of the wire, and shielded by a matte finish PVC material that is solid and adaptable.

RoadHOG Mic HOGM – 30.K has a length of 30 inches. Analyzing the length itself, you can tell that it is comparably long for stages that are small; however, it does not come in an array of size structures, and you can merely get one that suits your needs.

Ultimately, it maximizes the use of Neutrik plugs to guarantee consistency and longevity. Although this cable does not incorporate fancy components, it still finishes the job in flying colors. This is perceived by the continuous good ratings given by the customers.

Overall, if you are searching for a sturdy cable that can manage the firmness of regular setup and breakdowns, then this should be the kind of cable you should get.

9. Pro Co AQ-25 Ameriquad

Best Conductors with High Conductivity

  • Features a tight-twist interior quad conductors
  • Great quality and reliability
  • Good flexibility

The Pro Co AQ-25 Ameriquad features tight-twist interior quad conductors that grant access to high conductivity while securing good flexibility. It also features personalize outer jackets and braided shields. For the connectors, this cable utilizes the Black Neutrix XLR plugs incorporated with gold contacts.

Users have been transparent about their satisfaction with this cable. They said that the cable was constructed with great quality and reliability. Overall, if you are searching for an XLR cable that is reliable but not necessarily expensive, you may consider getting the Pro Co AQ-25 Ameriquad.

10. Mogami Gold Stage Balanced XLR Cable

Best Studio-Grade Unit

  • Uses superior 105 copper cores
  • Reliable and flexible
  • Uses durable XLPE insulation

The Mogami Gold Stage Balanced XLR Cable equates the quality of the sound with mobility and reliability, leading in a studio-grade unit that is tour ready.

As has been anticipated, the company never hesitated to spend more just to make sure their cables are in perfect quality, employing superior 105 copper cores that have strands thrice the competing models. This stranding approach enhances the reliability and flexibility of the conductor, integrating its whole-coverage braided shield as well as essentially durable XLPE insulation.

With the useful features of Mogami Gold Stage Balanced XLR Cable, its price is quite high compared to other models.

Buying Guide

How to Determine the Required XLR Cable?

Many XLR cables share equal qualities; thus, you don’t have to be bothered about which one to get if this is your concern. However, there is one thing that should be a primary concern when determining your XLR cable, and that is their casing.

You will see that there different kinds of casing for XLR cables. There’s copper, metal, and gold. The best casing is the gold one. You will also have to determine what length is acceptable for you based on your usual applications. XLR cables have various lengths, too, which normally ranges from 3 to 50 feet. Buying a cable with the appropriate length is significant. You will not like buying shorter than what you require and bear in mind that this can also include running your cables around different obstacles. Furthermore, XLR cables also come in different colors.

You have to figure out in advance what you will require for your XLR cable – the kind of casing, length, and color to determine what kind of XLR is suitable for you.

Does Quality Matters with XLR Cables?

The quality of the XLR cables will have two results. Primarily, better quality XLR cables will produce cleaner sound. If you happen to sacrifice the quality of your XLR cable for whatever reason, the hum and interference will also increase. Next, a better quality cable exhibits a longer lifespan compared to those that are poor in quality.

Cheap XLR cables are likely to die a lot sooner compared to those that are comparably costly. This is specifically true when we talk about connectors. A poor connector can quick faster than the one that costs higher, and it can also begin to become loosen a lot quicker too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are XLR cables better?

XLR is usually balanced with 2 signal cables bearing similar signals but in contradicting phase and a ground-cable. These balanced signals are less susceptible to interferences, which revoke once one of the signals is transposed in-phase and added with the other.

Who makes the best XLR cables?

You can find many brands that offer the right XLR cables. But among them, GLS makes the best XLR cables.

Does XLR sound better than RCA?

Yes, XLR sounds better than RCA. RCA uses an unbalanced connection and single signal cable and ground cable.

Can an XLR cable carry a stereo signal?

Yes. A common XLR cable has sufficient pins to transmit a stereo signal.

Are XLR cables better than TRS?

XLR cables are better than TRS. Compared to TRS, XLR locks in position and is a lot easier to do soldering.


Although it is often forgotten, the XLR cables that you are using play an important part in the sound quality that you produce. These XLR cables, which hook the microphones and other instruments into mixing consoles, are maximized to hinder the interference while sending your sound.

Hence, you do not like to commit the mistake of purchasing some unknown tool, thereby destroying the sound of the music. It is always recommended that you take some time to research what will be the most suitable one for you so that you can establish the crispiest sound possible.

Considering their various features and limitations, it would be fair to conclude that the best XLR cable is the GLS Audio 25-foot Mic Cable. With the features, it comprises, you would know that you have invested in the right cable. It suits a broad number of usages, including live performances and voice recordings. Second, on the rank would be the Mogami GOLD STUDIO – 15.

Although your choice for the best XLR cables would still depend on your preferences, we are confident that regardless of your current situation now, these 10 XLR cables are certain to include the ideal cable for you.

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