Samsung QE65Q900R 8K QLED TV Review

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Samsung has wowed the world once more with its 65” class Q900 family of QLED 8K Smart UHD TVs. This is a stunning, true to life class of televisions that will instantly captivate you and will make you feel as if you’re in the screen. A part of this family is the Samsung QE65Q900R, a TV with an astonishing 65” size and picture-perfect images with impressive depth as well as detail.

The Samsung QE65Q900R 8K QLED TV has impressive features and a modern style that fits a modern, classy room. Be it your living room, office suite, or your movie room; you’ll find this QLED TV better and brighter than other HD TVs of the same size. Let’s find out why QE65Q900R is better and if this could be the next-generation Samsung 8K TV for you.

Things to consider before buying a Samsung QE65Q900R 8K QLED TV

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Remember the following before you purchase a 65” Samsung QE65Q900R:

  • Get the real 8K

When 4K was introduced, everyone had to have it with games, movies, cameras, and TV that had to be compatible with the new video standard. But do you really need 8K? 8K means twice the number of pixels than a 4K, and the resolution now 7680 x 4320. If you really want to admire true depth, color, and detail, then an 8K is better.

  • AI upscaling for 8K TVs

8K AI upscaling is a feature that lets viewers enjoy videos that were once made in standard definition, FHD, and UHD in awesome 8K. Upscaling is simply enhancing previous technologies turning them into high-quality video resolution. If you enjoyed TV series in SD, then 8K AI upscaling will upgrade your favorite series almost automatically as you watch them.

  • 8K Quantum Processor

This is not something that’s original to Samsung. Just like LG TVs, the latest 8K TVs from Samsung are equipped with an updated chip that will let you upscale videos (8K AI Upscaling). This chip also readies viewers for more game titles that are released in 8K. So if you don’t want to be left out from the latest gaming standards, then you must get an 8K QLED TV.

  • About Quantum HDR 24x

Quantum HDR 24x means that the TV is equipped with HDR features and that images can be admired in amazing detail and enhanced contrast. This TV comes with the latest HDR 24X, which is one of the most updated.

Features and Benefits

  • First impressions

You won’t be able to keep your eyes off this huge TV. The screen may not be edgeless, but it’s captivating and stunning. Imagine seeing all the possible colors on one TV. You will hardly notice the support at the bottom corners of the TV with its super minimalistic design.

  • Admire Real 8K resolution

8K resolution is all about seeing images in outstanding depth and impressive detail. This TV is like an open window, letting you peek outside to the wide outdoors. You’ll learn to appreciate the true color and true depth compared to TVs with lower resolutions.  

  • 8K AI upscaling

This TV comes with a smart chip that upscale content to 8K using AI technology. It will convert content almost automatically with great detail and amazing definition. With content enhanced to 8K, you will enjoy clearer, more precise picture quality like never before. 

  • Quantum Processor 8K

With the help of a Quantum Processor 8K, regular, standard definition and high definition content will be remastered to awesome 8K images. This smart processor also enhances sound for every scene and automatically adjusts the brightness to your environment. This feature is known as Intelligent Mode, an automatic adaptation in TV powered by this updated processor.

  • Quantum HDR 24x

With HRD 24x you can see colors better and bolder. See and compare deep colors and fine details. Your movie, game, or video will be admired with cinematic quality. Large screen size

  • OneRemote and Bixby

This TV is compatible with Samsung’s OneRemote. This is similar to a universal remote, but it does not just control TVs but also all compatible and connected devices and even connected content. You may also use Bixby with your T. Just ask a question and let Bixby answer. Ask anything like the director of the movie you’re watching to the schedule of the next Formula 1 race.

  • With the Apple TV app

With this 8K TV, you can buy, watch or rent the most updated movies or subscribe to the new Apple TV channel. Enjoy watching Showtime, Starz, and HBO or use your Apple device to play content to the Samsung TV.

Social Proof

From TechRadar

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TechRadar considers 8K as a new picture quality standard and admire this TV’s awesome picture quality. It also recommends this TV if you have room in your home and if you have the budget for it as well.


Image Source considers the Samsung QE65Q900R as a mixed-use TV with its great picture quality and enhanced motion handling. It is a responsive TV and may even double as a computer monitor for HDR gaming and movies.


WHAT HI*FI? States the obvious. How can we admire this TV when there is yet no 8K content to watch? But take note that it can upscale standard definition movies and videos, and this will help you see the difference of 8K. It also states that this is for anyone willing to splurge for a home TV or 8K computer monitor.


The Samsung QE65Q900R 8K QLED TV is the TV of the future. It is 8K ready, which is yet to be seen in other video equipment and content. This Samsung TV provides better color, sharpness, clarity, and depth because of its enhanced 8K processor, 8K resolution, AI Upscaling to 8K, and quantum HDR 24x. All these amazing features make for an awesome movie, video, and gaming experience. If you want to prepare for the coming of 8K or just have money to burn for an updated 8K TV, then we recommend the Samsung QE65Q900R. For more information about this 8K QLED TV, visit Samsung’s official site.  


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