SoundAsleep Bluetooth Pillow Review


For someone like me, who has a problem in getting a comfortable sleep, I am always searching for effective ways and products that would help me improve my sleeping habits. I have tried several methods already, but I am still getting the same poor-quality of sleep. I searched and tried – until I found the SoundAsleep Bluetooth Pillow. With the SoundAsleep Bluetooth Pillow, finally, I was able to see myself getting better nights of sleep.

The SoundAsleep Bluetooth Pillow is known in a tagline that says, “Healthy sleep, healthy mind.” For someone who has tried this product, I would say that this brand has given this tag justice. The SoundAsleep Bluetooth pillow is an interesting combination of digital technology and astounding comfort. The in-built Bluetooth speaker fuses the world of sleep and sound. The pillow has a multi-functional button, the Bluetooth speaker, and a zip pocket that keeps the micro USB charging cable, all sheathed in a cushioned microfiber cover to guarantee lengthened comfort.

As an overview, here are some of the pros and cons of SoundAsleep Bluetooth Pillow.


  • Speakers produce nice sound
  • Suits most standard pillowcases
  • Functionality in the proprietary app


  • Quite expensive
  • Firmness may not be a good start to improve sleep
  • Density may be too light for some

Things to Consider Before Buying SoundAsleep Bluetooth Pillow

A good sleep during night-time is essential to our emotional well-being as well as our physical health. There is great hope when using the SoundAsleep Bluetooth Pillow. However, some things you need to consider before you decide to buy this product. Remember that this product is uniquely designed; thus, you have to make sure that its unique structure is fitted to your taste. Although SoundAsleep Bluetooth Pillow is an incredible model, not all people may find it applicable for them, especially if they have some requirements that are not present in SoundAsleep.


You may like a luxurious cover around your speaker, or you may not like having something enveloping the sound. Although the softcover of the SoundAsleep Bluetooth Pillow may be more convenient, it can be challenging to hear it if you put it underneath the pillow.

There is also a choice to purchase a pillow that has an in-built sound source. If you like not to interfere with the placement of the units, you would perhaps like the 2-in-1 route.

Volume and Sound Quality

The internal elements will be closed as high end. Moreover, the noise will not be directly positioned in the ear. Rather, it will be around the ear. Relying on the manner of your sleeping, the source of sound may have 1 or 2 layers of foam and fabric isolating you.

You must also check the speakers. You may like to get something that has an in-line control for volume so you can easily change the volume. Many would also permit sound to initiate from a smart device that even if the controls are restrained, you can still increase the volume coming from the music player.

Cord Length and Power Cord

You need to decide whether you like to buy a model that requires batteries or not. You must also decide whether you would incorporate some added features such as pre-loaded soundtracks or amplifiers – if that is the case, you have to be ready to experience a quick drain. Some people choose to use models that let them utilize the power source from the smart device. It is difficult enough to recall to charge that unit, right?

The standard length of the cord is around 6 ½ feet. Some models are available with extensions. The standard length is commonly more than long enough to have fitted into your side table without being strained.


What kind of design do you like for a Bluetooth pillow? Many models will be lustrous, flat, and small. That way, you can put them below your head without sensing something like poking your face or head. SoundAsleep Bluetooth Pillow is an all-in-1 system where the speaker and pillow are in one unit.

You may want to get something that has longer speakers that are roughly the width of the head. If that is the case, find a model that has 2 speakers, so you can get a surround-sound experience that aims both the right and left ears.

Wireless Bluetooth

Would you want to get something that has the facility of wireless Bluetooth? You can explore the market for this preference. However, you should know that its price can be exceptionally high.

Features and Benefits

SoundAsleep Bluetooth Pillow is a state-of-art innovation that is packed with features to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of users. With its impressive capabilities, users will surely get a better sleeping experience.


SoundAsleep Bluetooth Pillow is made from superior quality materials. Cushioned microfiber cover to offer comfort. It is made with air mesh walls to secure breathable area. The pillow is occupied with spongy and springy hollow fiber.

Bluetooth Connectivity

To connect with the pillow, you have to create a connection via Bluetooth. After activating the Bluetooth in your device, you may finally connect to the pillow using a multi-functional button, which is customized on the SoundAsleep pillow.

Quilted Microfiber

The SoundAsleep Bluetooth Pillow is not only designed to be smart, but it is also made to ensure superb comfort. The pillow is lavishly occupied with springy and soft hollow fiber to offer the best quantity of support for the head and the neck. The air mesh walls that surround the pillow contributes in increasing the circulation and flow of air, helping you to maintain a cool head during night-time and inhibit overheating. The cushioned microfiber cover also contributes to the added comfort.

All of the state-of-the-art technology and integration of the Bluetooth facility does not alter the idea that this is chiefly a pillow. Comfort is never prejudiced to cater to the speaker – the user will not even notice it is in there. You can experience excellent comfort and the newest Bluetooth speaker technology in a smooth blend.

Multi-Function Power Button

Once the pillow if completely charged, push the power button positioned in the corner to enable the speaker inside the pillow. From then, your journey to SoundAsleep starts.

Sound and Comfort

SoundAsleep did not disregard the requirement for excellent comfort when talking about the pillow. The cushioned microfiber wrap has allowed us to not only make an amazingly comfortable and gratifying pillow. It is also a realistic and adequate protective wrapping for the in-built Bluetooth speaker.

Sound and convenience come together in excellent blend with the SoundAsleep Bluetooth Pillow. You can directly regulate the sound from the device to adjust the volume to any level you like. The speaker lies at the center of the pillow and is entirely unnoticeable, enclosed by plenty of responsive fibers that offer a soft yet supporting pillow.

The SoundAsleep Bluetooth Pillow is suitable with 1000’s of apps to improve your experience in sleeping. You can easily play your favorite music, apps, audiobooks, and podcasts right in the convenience of your pillow. The sound produced by the in-built speaker directly plays from the pillow; thus, there is no requirement for headphones.

SoundAsleep App

Take full command of a smarter sleep by utilizing the SoundAsleep app and learn even more possibilities for an entirely relaxing sleeping experience. Maximize the app by setting up a playlist for sleep, choose a theme from the mindfulness selections to help you wander to sleep, manage and monitor your snoring habits, assess the pattern of your sleep, or use the alarm to wake you when it’s time to get up.

The same with the other electronically powered innovations, the SoundAsleep Bluetooth Pillow has to be charged by the accompanying charger. Make sure that the pillow is charged fully before use, which would normally consume around 3 to 4 hours.

Online Reviews

I have witnessed the effects of SoundAsleep Bluetooth Pillow, and so far, I am convinced that it is indeed worthy of owning. I have browsed the internet to look for more feedbacks and opinions about the SoundAsleep Bluetooth Pillow. Here are some of the comments made by random customers.


Getting good sleep is a concern for many people. And knowing the fact that we spend half of our lives sleeping, it makes sense why we are willing to invest in things that grant us comfortable sleep. With the SoundAsleep Bluetooth Pillow, things would be a lot easier for people who are having difficulty in sleeping. If you can find the time to evaluate its features and limitations, you would know that it will be worthy of investing in this model.

But then again, the decision to buy this product should only be made after a thorough assessment. You have to make sure that this product is suitable for your needs. You have to make sure that it is its features that can help you resolve your concern. This product review aims to somehow help you in making a decision. Click here to check more about the SoundAsleep Bluetooth Pillow.

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