Best Camera Monitors Review In 2020

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People who are fond and incline to take videos or photos can identify the functions and advantages of owning a camera monitor. Due to the abundance of camera monitors in the market, being wise in purchasing one should be a top priority, so that it can serve you in a long time.

If you are wondering an amateur artist, you may not be familiar with camera monitors. This product is a device used externally and attached to the camera to assist in the convenience of taking photos and shooting videos.

In most cases, camera monitors have large display screens and produce a greatly enhanced color and brighter screen capacity. It used either HDMI or SDI connections, depending on the functionality of the camera monitor.

Some camera monitors even offer higher specifications to furnish users with wider capacity and usage of tools in assisting better camera operations. Some of these specialized features are zebra stripes, focus peaking, false color, and many others.

Best Camera Monitors in 2020

  1. Neewer F100 Camera Field Monitor

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Editor’s Rating: 4.3 out of 5

A famous brand in the world of audio and video, Neewer has proven its commitment to making innovative types of equipment in the field of videography, music, and photography. It introduced their outstanding product called Neewer F100 Camera Field Monitor.

The Neewer camera monitor is excellent in providing crystal clear and fine details of images and videos. It features an innovative design that allows information to display without overlaying in the image. The display feature is upgraded, and users are assured to possess an ultra HD resolution display of 1280×800 with a ratio of color and contrast of 1200:1.

It also boasts its seven-inch widescreen, built-in with improved 450 cd/m² backlight brightness, and an impressive 160° view angle. The camera monitor considered structural safety design that secures HDMI and battery operations. It possesses easy navigation of changing angles with its 360° adjustable hot shoe.

The package also comes with a sun hood to ensure that sunlight and extraneous lights will be kept out, making shootings more convenient in any given environment. The Neewer camera monitor further assures an easy connection on DLSR cameras, provided with a standard ¼ -20 thread hole on the rear. It can even fit on cameras like Sony Canon Nikon Olympus Pentax Panasonic.


– The screen has Ultra HD 1280×800 resolution and wide-angle IPS panel. 4k input is supported, and the screen has a LED backlight.

– Color and contrast ratio of 1200: 1 and 450 cd/m² backlight provided an enhanced viewing experience

– It has a well-designed structure providing HMDI lock and Battery lock for safety operations

– It features various zooming options of images

What We Like

  • The settings and operating buttons are very simple to follow
  • The image and viewing is high in quality and provides tremendous settings in assisting any shooting desires
  • Compared to other brands, the backlight is better
  • The quality of videos and images it can generate can be found in many camera monitors but at a higher price

What We Don’t Like

  • Package does not include a battery charger or power cable
  1. Lilliput A7s Monitor With 4K Camera Assist

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Editor’s Rating: 4.1 out of 5

The Lilliput A7s Monitor With 4K Camera Assist provides a better camera monitor experience with its high functioning auxiliary operations in taking the best quality of images and movie shootings. It possesses special features like false color, audio level meter, and peaking for a bunch of options in creating excellent output.

The camera monitor of Lilliput was designed to give the users a more convenient functioning with its lightweight design and compact structure form. It is best used when taking shootings outdoor.

The package comes with a silicon rubber case that adds not only sunlight protection but also overall protection from any damages, accident or not. Silicon case absorbs abrupt drop and shock, which safeguards your unit from destroying. The seven inches screen display is 1920×1200, highest quality resolution with 500cd/㎡ brightness display.


– It features 4K HDMI Input that allows Loop Output to other device or monitor

– with Native Resolution of 1920×1200 and 16:10 IPS LCD Panel

– The camera monitor has500cd/㎡ Brightness capacity with a wide viewing angle of 170°

– It offers various auxiliary options like Peaking, False Color, Exposure, Audio Level Meter, Histogram

– It has customizable keys to conveniently shortcut the most used functions of the monitor rather than constant menu scrolling

– It only weighs 320 grams, lightweight design

– Shockproof and protection against sunlight with its Silicon Rubber case

What We Like

  • It offers a variety of specifications for the convenience of users
  • With an affordable price, it has free batteries that last for nine long hours

What We Don’t Like

  • The battery is drained even shutdown, need to remove batteries to conserve battery life
  • The tripod mount is relatively hard to secure through the silicon rubber case.
  1. Feelworld F6 Plus DSLR Camera Field Touch Screen Monitor

Editor’s Rating: 4.3 out of 5

The Feelworld F6 Plus DSLR Camera Field Touch Screen Monitor has an innovative 5.5 inches screen with a touch screen feature and 3D LUT. The unit is very lightweight, and resolution quality is high definition reaching up to 1920X1080 for the best capture of emotion in visual characteristics.

The camera monitor comes with a flexible tilt arm that can twist 360° providing the best angle for monitoring rather than using the conventional mount—improving your shooting experience and convenience.

The camera monitor is also assisted with peaking feature that helps in attaining image is clearest and sharpest possible quality. It produces accurate reproduction of color for an upgraded display experience with its color standard of Rec.709 HD and innovative color calibration feature. The camera can be connected through wireless transmission.


– Touch screen display allows to easily navigate the screen and freely zooms and use gestures for easy access of functions

– The color calibration feature uses LUT function, making a much easier and efficient flow of work

– It has an improved tilt arm mount that rotates 360° for a great viewing experience

– Possess built-in battery with two-in-one functions ideal for Canon LP-E6 and Sony F Series

– One-year warranty for parts and services fee

What We Like

  • Fantastic screen display quality with sharp colors rendered
  • Easy to navigate and intuitive
  • Controls are navigated on-screen than hard buttons

What We Don’t Like

  • Brightness capacity is not enough when using outdoor locations
  1. ESDDI Camera Field Monitor

Editor’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5

ESDDI, a brand with unique offerings in terms of equipment for photography and with ideal innovations for photographers’ convenience and functionality. The screen is a 5.0 inch IPS and aspect ratio of 16:9. It has a high definition quality of 1920×1080 screen and uses the Peak assistant feature for a better screen and viewing experience.

The auxiliary Histogram feature allows a better intuitive understanding of photos’ exposure levels. There is an automatic feature that adjusts color when the shooting is located outdoor. Furnishing convenience among users, it adds on image flipping feature for various perspectives when shooting.

Efficiently adding input for headphones and output stereo for a rich and efficient workflow. The battery is made of Lithium and can be connected to a DC power. It also comes with a velcro sun hood that blocks any type of light to meet any particular requirement in shooting outdoor.


– IPS panel screen with ultra HD resolution of 1920×1080 and LED backlight

– 450cd/m2 brightness capacity with a contrast ratio of 1000:1 giving a more refined scenery of images

– Suitable for cameras like Canon, Nikon, and Sony, with its input and output HDMI feature and micro HDMI cable

– multiple auxiliary functions to give a better shooting experience either for video monitor of the viewfinder

– lightweight design that weighs only 142 grams

– Equipped with a Li-ion battery that is rechargeable and 2200mAh power

– One year warranty for parts and service to assure the best customer experience

What We Like

  • The display is extremely good and practical
  • It has various customization options for more convenience
  • Optimization of battery saves a lot of energy
  • High-quality camera monitor but with affordable price

What We Don’t Like

  • No option for auto-rotation of the screen
  1. Andycine A6 HDMI Field Monitor

Editor’s Rating: 3.9 out of 5

More than a camera monitor, Andycine A6 HDMI Field Monitor ha built-in design that motivates and enhances your camera shooting. Possess easy navigation and viewing; the camera monitor from Andycine provides comfort in different viewing angles you desire.

Aside from traditional features, it contains like focus assistance, image flipping feature, and easy color adjustment, it also has amazing features that enhance your overall shooting experience. To a more professional looking output, the brightness of your screen surely is improved with its Histogram feature.

The false-color advanced feature of Andycine A6 HDMI Field Monitor aids in the exposure setting of the camera. It allows the display of proper exposure level without utilizing external tools for this matter. Exposure adjustment is also assisted with the Zebra feature; it has to display lines to areas that are overly exposed.


– IPS screen in 5.7 inches in size, with a native resolution of 1920X1080

– The advanced feature’s inclusion of the camera monitor provides users higher assistance in shooting and working

– HMDI input port and earphone jack are built-in on its design

– It has built-in DC-8V type power output that allows drawing power to any DSLR through an independent dummy battery

– Tilt arms are built-in to improve viewing experience with easy adjustment

– Covers one year warranty for all cost of parts and service

What We Like

  • The overall exterior structure is sturdy
  • It has the best monitor with affordable price
  • The intelligent feature that requires ten-second pressing down the power button before it will shut down to prevent an accidental switching on

What We Don’t Like

  • Cable included are fragile
  • Disabled zoom feature is in 4k mode
  1. Feelworld T7 4K On-Camera Monitor

Editor’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5

With its commitment to provide professional assistance and deliver the most advanced technologies in the improvement of workflow, Feelworld introduces Feelworld T7 4K On-Camera Monitor that provides everything your need from a camera monitor.

Boasting its IPS 160° viewing angle, the camera monitor allows users to position the camera at any given angle for a better capturing of shots. The camera monitor was intelligently designed to serve the best functionality and easy to carry. The overall structure of the unit weighs 320 grams and with a thickness of around 18mm. The designer is very lightweight, providing a better portability function. The frame of the unit is made of aluminum, assuring its long-lasting durability.

It also possesses advanced color calibration to achieve better reproduction of color without distorting its natural color, but rather express its genuine image. Following the ITU standards, it contains a high definition of video standard of Rec.709, giving an improvement in processing images for perfect accuracy of color.


– The screen is in full high definition quality with seven inches wide and 1920×1200 resolution capacity

– The unit boasts its unique feature of remarkable 323 Pixels Per Inch

– It has a viewing angle of IPS 160° that can easily shift from one angle to another

– It possesses additional auxiliary features including false color, histogram, embedded audio, professional zooming, exposure accuracy, and peaking focus

– Aluminum built but the lightweight and ultra-thin structure

What We Like

  • Very affordable price with the highest quality
  • The aluminum structure is sturdy and provides more protection

What We Don’t Like

  • AC adapter and battery are not included in the package
  1. Weiying Camera Video Monitor

Editor’s Rating: 5.0 out of 5

The Weiying Camera Video Monitor is the newest addition to the field of camera monitors. It has seven inches IPS screen size with HD resolution of 1920×1200. The screen of it has 500cd/m² brightness capacity and with LED backlight feature. The 360° rotation of tilt arms for a better viewing angle and allows users to effortlessly maneuver camera monitor at the best angle position without compromising image quality.

It comes with a built-in lithium battery with 3500mAh power capacity. It allows an extended runtime time to power up your camera monitor. Very convenient when going outdoor shoots. The camera monitor has an overall structure that is composed of aluminum that weighs only around 488 grams.

Packed with additional features that enhance your overall experience in shooting and viewing. It comes with false colors, Histogram, and peaking focus detail.


– The battery is made of lithium and built-in structure that consist of 3500mAh power that enhances the experience of every user

– it supports DC IN output and 4K HDMI

– It can easily transmit a signal to other external monitors giving users a more convenient experience when monitoring simultaneously

– High-Resolution TFT-LCD screen of 1920×1200 pixels, with magnify capacity to assure great accuracy on focus

– Lightweight structure built entirely of aluminum alloy

– Multifunctional features for more elaborate and intricate customization of images and options

– It has shoe adapters that can rotate 90° and the built-in tilt arms can rotate 360 degrees to fulfill your desired various angles for a perfect shooting job

What We Like

  • The unit is bulky but very sturdy
  • The camera monitor can be mounted either portrait or landscape
  • Affordable price with the highest quality
  • Very easy to use and menu option is very simple to operate

What We Don’t Like

  • There is a tendency to overheat despite the aluminum structure
  1. Feelworld F6 4K Video Field Monitor

Editor’s Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Feelworld F6 4K Video Field Monitor is from a renowned name in the business of photography equipment. This unit is ideal for users with often outdoor shootings due to its lightweight design, weighing only 200 grams. With an ideal screen size of 5.7 inches, the camera monitor also boast its 1920×1080 pixel high definition screen with 386 pixels per inches.

The unit also allows users to fully explore outstanding photography performance and experience with its additional essential features like a histogram for a better quality of images. The assurance of proper exposure adjustment can be attained with its built-in false color feature. It also imposed warning lines on areas that are exposed too much through exposure or zebra feature.


– Screen displays are 5.7 inches with high definition resolution of 1080p

– The brightness capacity of this unit is 460cd/m2 and with backlight made of LED

– It posses a viewing angle of 80°, enough to easily rotate when takin shots

– It has multiple specialized features that enhance the experience of every user in terms of producing high-quality output and easy adjustments of options

What We Like

  • It comes with storage that safely packs all items together
  • Very affordable price that has a well-made structure and very lightweight to handle
  • Screen size is enough and efficient
  • Quality of pictures are outstanding and very clear

What We Don’t Like

  • Not sturdy Micro HDMI cable
  • It has no built-in automatic screen flip
  1. Toguard Portable TFT Ultra-thin Camera Monitor

Editor’s Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Packed with all the features that every user is looking for, Toguard Portable TFT Ultra-thin Camera Monitor provides amazing image quality due to its built-in bright screen design and high definition resolution of 1024×600 pixels.

It comprises various types of ports from HMDI, VGA, and AV/RCA, which implies, it can accommodate various external devices not only for your camera. It utilizes remote control option to operate touch buttons, to prevent from damaging the buttons from constant pressing.

The unit is very lightweight, weighing only 213 grams. It allows efficiency in handling outdoors and can rotate screen with ease. Designed to have a slim monitor, the Toguard Portable TFT Ultra-thin Camera Monitor abides standards for the benefit of the environment while efficiently conserve energy.


– It has a seven inches display screen that provides a high quality of the image due to its 1024×600 pixels resolution for a fascinating visual experience

– It has a USB port to easily connect to a power bank to charge

– It can give convenience when carrying it all day shooting

– It is efficient in the reduction of the cost in energy with its auto sleeping function

What We Like

  • Very lightweight and packed with HD quality monitor

What We Don’t Like

  • Slightly hard to set up when mounting the camera monitor
  1. Neewer FW568 Camera Field Monitor

Editor’s Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Brewer finally introduces Neewer FW568 Camera Field Monitor that is equipped with essential features and operations to fulfill every need of a person. The false-color feature it has can allow easy adjustments of images’ color and exposure capacity without utilizing other tools.

The zebra exposure feature it has can help you assist in regulating the large exposed area of the image. Sharp images can be achieved with the help of the Peaking Filter feature that tunes images accordingly. The Embedded Audio, the camera monitor, has provided a much easy means to shoot videos with high sensitivity capacity.

Accurately monitor footage through 4K HDMI input and prevents any delay in transmission due to HDMI Output it has. The unit utilizes an F970 Battery or from SONY F550. Viewing has never been so perfect, until the additional feature of this unit with a 360° rotating viewing angle to attain the best viewing experience.


– The screen is 5.5 inches wide and with a great resolution of 1080p high definition

– utilizes 450 cd/m2 brightness capacity and color and contrast ratio of 1000:1

– it employs 450nit screen that has anti-fingerprint and anti-reflective technology

– Features multiple essential additional functions that enhance viewing and photography experience

– A portable device weighing only 153 grams

– It employs 178° rotation of viewing angle for a more clear look of images

What We Like

  • The connectivity is easy and no issue
  • Very affordable unit with high-end features
  • It has sharp and clear images that can even be viewed under a luminous light

What We Don’t Like

  • It cannot be plugged into a DC power to run power on the camera monitor

Buyer’s Guide

Monitor or Recorder

Prior to purchasing a camera monitor, understanding your preference or requirement still need to be considered. A camera monitor with a combination of recorder can create amazing recordings that may have better quality than your camera.

Also, recorders can maintain its quality definition capacity regardless of the camera’s lower specifications. This type of camera monitor may also have additional features and tools that assist in the shooting. Apparently, non-recording camera monitors don’t have these features.


The resolution of the monitor is a must to consider in purchasing a camera monitor. This refers to the pixel that makes up the picture. Generally, the common screen resolution of camera monitors is 1080p, with a specific measurement of 1920×1080.

The higher the resolution of the screen, the smaller the images and text there is. Therefore, there are more contents that will fit on the screen, giving much easier graphics and working convenience. Monitors with lower resolution can scale videos and images that could disturb when operating a shot.

Brightness Capacity

A very crucial part to consider is the brightness of the monitor screen. Brightness capacity is measured according to cd/m2. With the higher level of candelas per square meter, the better the brightness is. Brightness can be controlled through a button or screen for touchscreen features. With this, users can easily navigate the harmony of colors, the geometry of the screen, and others.

Size and Weight

The next is the size. With the size of the monitor, you can use it to view larger aspects of images and videos than your camera’s monitor and also serves other functions like framing and assistance in composition. The size of the screen will depend on your need or the size you are most comfortable using. However, always take note, despite having built-in flexible viewing function of most camera monitors, the larger the monitor will be, the harder it is to move your head to look around. Five to seven inches wide screens are commonly preferred by many users.

Often ignored, the weight of the camera monitor should be considered as well, especially if you plan to use it outdoor most often. Typically, users will never understand the essence of weight until they become exhausted just by carrying it around all day. Always remember, the heavier the unit is, the faster you get easily exhausted. You could also have problems mounting the camera monitor and maintain its balance.

Evaluation Tools

Additional features of camera monitors should be considered as well. There are monitors that only used for the viewfinder; however, if you seek higher specifications, look for units with features lie peak assisting focus, Zebra bars, false color, zoom feature, Vectorscope, and exposure control.

There are other camera monitors that have more auxiliary features. Look for something that specifies your needs and shooting requirements, essential to capture flawless and outstanding shots.

Consider first the features and specifications that a camera monitor can offer before contemplating its price. It is a terrible choice to purchase a unit in an affordable price range, yet the specifications do not match your needs. Better to invest in a camera monitor that is worth its value.

Final Conclusion

Decent camera monitors for your taste and preference should not be hard to find. At the end of the day, what matters most is that the camera monitor you bought should cater to every single detail you desire. Nonetheless, based on the above-mentioned products listed, the camera monitor that stood out is Feelworld F6 Plus DSLR Camera Field Touch Screen Monitor.

It simply because the functionality and features of this camera monitor attain the best qualities that users mostly desire. Its screen has ideal size and extremely ultra in high definition quality of its resolution. It also employs additional features that are essential to have for a camera monitor.

Above all, it has a 360° rotation of viewing angle that greatly appreciated and convenient for all types of shootings and photography. The touch screen display of this unit allows users to easily navigate the functions if it. Despite the tremendous number of special features and specifications, the unit is lightweight, making it ideal for everyone’s usage. Best of all, it comes at a reasonable price.

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