Best Fidget Spinners Review In 2020

In recent years, one major novelty toy item that skyrocketed into fame is fidget spinners. Once thought as a simple toy, it has been proven to be an amazing solution to anxiety or stress, bringing problems to many people.

Though fidget spinners are not in the spotlight anymore, they are still fantastic, and they are still a great purchase to gift for the young ones and even for the adults. They are perfect tools to pass the time; they can keep your hands busy while you are still out on the road.

In this article, we will be providing you with the best fidget spinners we have researched all over the internet and tell you why we think they are amazing.

  1. MAYBO SPORTS Wiitin Fidget Hand Spinner Toy, The Amazing Spiderman Shaped Cool Metal Fidget Spinner, Mixed Color

Editor’s Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars – COOL DESIGN

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  • A trendsetter appearance with a metal alloy body
  • Compact pocket size and lightweight
  • Compliant to the US Standard Children’s Product Certification
  • Designed with rainbow color and beautiful patterns when spinning

First on our list is this uniquely colored fidget spinner from Maybo Sports. Designed somewhat like an amazing spider spinner, it is bathed with a mixture of different colors and blended patterns. This toy looks amazing even if you are not using it, but spinning this makes it a better showpiece and accessory.

It is made from a metal alloy body and stainless steel, which proves its durability. Many users also vouch for its firm grip that makes spinning very comfortable to do. Safety-wise, this fidget spinner complies with the standards, and it is safe to use from children as young as 3 years old and up!

This fidget spinner weighs a light 2.4 ounces and spins an average of 30 seconds with just a light push. It makes a very low noise as well. Overall, this fidget spinner is perfect for design lovers.

  1. Kangaroo Emoji LED Fidget Spinner

Editor’s Rating: 3.5 out of 5 – MOST FUN & QUIRKY

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  • Weighs 1.6 ounces
  • The manufacturer recommends use for 3 years old and up
  • Requires 2 batteries for use
  • Equipped with colorful LED lights
  • Variety of emoji designs

If you are looking for something quirky and cute, emojis are the perfect fidget spinner design you should go for. Emojis are all over in this internet era, and it can express so many things without having to use words. There’s no surprise that emojis have found their way through these cool fidget spinners.

The Kangaroo Emoji LED Fidget Spinner is one cute toy with a very high quality central bearing, which depicts different types of emojis and has its three parts fitted with colorful LED lights.

You probably know by now that there are hundreds of emojis, and there is so much variety. With these fidget spinners, you would never know which one you will get. Some bearings come with a winking face, some come with a simple smile, some come with laughing crying face, and there are many others. This is definitely a great one you should try.

  1. Tenergy Heavy Duty Brass Premium Fidget Spinner, Stainless Steel Bearing, 3+ Minutes Spinning, Rainbow Color Design

Editor’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars – MOST VERSATILE

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  • Removable bars for adjustment into dual-bar, tri-bar, or a hex-bar
  • Tri-color design for a rainbow effect while spinning
  • Made with brass for durability, scratch resistance, and waterproof abilities
  • High-speed spinning for about 3 minutes
  • Stainless steel bearing for a good balance

If you want something customizable depending on your mood, this Tenergy Heavy Duty fidget spinner might be your best match. This toy is created with a brass raw material so that it can be scratch resistant and last for a long time. Its central bearing is manufactured using stainless steel so that you can enjoy a smooth and silent rotation. With just a small push, you will be able to keep your spinner in motion for a solid 3 minutes.

There are six configurable bars you can opt to remove or leave on, depending on your preference and convenience. Additionally, its three colors change into a rainbow once it is in motion.

Though it is slightly pricey, it is quite pleasant to use and can last you for a long time. The manufacturer recommends this for use for people aged 18 and up.

  1. FIGROL Fidget Spinner, Clear Fidget Toy, Crystal Led Light Rainbow Toy Finger Hand Spinner-Kids

Editor’s Rating: 4 out of 5 stars – GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE

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  • Responsive customer service
  • 3 colors – red, blue, green LED lights
  • Choking hazard: recommended for children 3 years and up
  • Has a power button that turns on the lights
  • Very affordable

Go even more extra with your fidget spinner game by getting one that is decorated with LED lights. This fidget spinner, created by Figrol, is a crystal clear option that will surely make you have fun while spinning your heart out. This accessory was created with US safety standards in mind, so there is nothing that you have to worry about.

This fidget spinner is powered by a lithium metal battery and can be turned on through a power button. It has done a great job of providing an amazing array of color options shown through the use of LED lights. These lights make a very beautiful sight once it is already spinning.

This spinner is very light, easy to carry, and can be used anywhere when you need to battle your anxieties. Partnered with the low price tag, this fidget spinner will surely be a great part of your shopping list.

  1. Duomishu Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner, Fidget Hand Toys Focus Finger Spinning Toy for Kid and Adult Relieving Stress

Editor’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars – GREAT VALUE

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  • Recommended for kids over 10 years old and adults
  • Constructed fully with stainless steel, machined grips, and arms
  • 2 hybrid ceramic precision bearings
  • Unique fidget toy with double pendulum and making a random motion
  • You can flick it, let it drop, and spin, with lots of unpredictable results

Next on our list is this Duomishu fidget toy that is designed somewhat like a pendulum. Though this is really small in terms of size, it delivers big in terms of function and style. It is made of stainless steel, and it comes with two ceramic bearings that enable a noise-free rotation with smooth actions.

Because of the double pendulum look, you will be able to enjoy countless of ways where you can spin the device. Each time you hold it, you will be able to enjoy different techniques of spinning it.

Though this fidget spinner can be a little expensive, it effectively makes the most out of relaxing users and easing out stress. It weighs a very light 1.28 ounces, and it can be stored and used very conveniently. This is recommended for children 10 years old and up.

  1. ATESSON Fidget Spinner Toy Ultra Durable Stainless Steel Bearing High Speed 2-5 Min Spins Precision Brass Material

Editor’s Rating: 4 out of 5 stars – BEST VALUE FOR MONEY

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  • Perfect gift for kids and for stocking stuffers
  • Stainless steel bearing, SLA technology, and laser industrial molding technology
  • Body made with aluminum material CNC with a great quality
  • 3 to 5-minute average spins greatly fit for fidgety hands
  • Discreet and small without producing too many noises

This Atesson Fidget Spinner Toy is considered to be the fidget spinner with the best value for your money. It has a very simple design, and it comes with very pretty useful features that you will definitely enjoy. It has a smooth surface throughout all of its edges combined with a high quality aluminum metal that provides durability to the body. The bearings are stainless steel to withstand wear and tear.

This fidget spinner is a very light one at 0.8 ounces. It is very easy to carry and store. It provides a quick and fast rotation. With just a light push, it will spin for about 3 to 5 minutes. The manufacturer also provides a 6 months warranty for this, and they recommend this item for children from 3 years old and up.

Don’t let the price let you think that this fidget spinner will not give you great quality. This product is simple, but it does the job perfectly.

  1. DoDoMagxanadu Orbiter Fidget Toy Orbit Ball Magnetic Toy ADHD Focus Anxiety Relief Anti Depression Toy

Editor’s Rating: 4 up to 5 stars – SIMPLE & DIRECT

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  • Made from a pure copper and aluminum body
  • The body’s material is manufactured using an Aviation aluminum sandblasting effect
  • Product weight is 60 grams or 0.64 ounces
  • Spins continuously at an average of 2 minutes at a time

This fidget spinner from DoDoMagxanadu is another great option to go for on our list. It is created for the purpose of helping people dealing with reducing stress and anxiety for all types of people – adults and kids alike. This type of toy is even recommended for people suffering from ADHD and ADD, as a tool to help the users become more focused and gather deep thoughts.

Moreover, this toy is made with pure copper gear, and the rest of its body is made from aviation aluminum, and it comes with a sandblasting effect that has amazing texture and feels good to the touch. This fidget spinner is also very durable and easy to use.

You can use this by simply holding the balls in your hand and spinning them rapidly. It will spin continuously for 2 minutes before you have to give it a little push again.

  1. MAYBO SPORTS Wiitin Fidget Spinner for Fans of The Medieval Magical Wizardry World

Editor’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5 – FAN FAVORITE

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  • Complies with US Standard Children’s Product Certificate ASTM F963-17
  • Metal-alloy body and self-lubricating steel bearing
  • Amazing grip and a controlled spin with a 1-minute average speed
  • Perfect as a gift idea
  • Compact pocket design and lightweight

Another fidget spinner on our list is another entry from Maybo Sports; it is an ideal toy for fans of a certain wizard and his magical wizardly world. This unique design moves with very low noise, and it spins at high speed so that the user can become so focused and the fidget spinner is so fast and durably made from metal with a steel bearing.

With this model, there is no need to worry about continuous spinning, it is self-lubricating, so you need not do anything. This rainbow-colored spinner is reminiscent of the golden snitch and has been tried and tested for children who are 3 years old and older.

Gentle power is required to keep this toy spinning continuously. It is also pocket-sized and compact, which makes it easy to carry this from one place to another.

  1. INNOPLUS Fidget Spinners

Editor’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars – SOLAR-POWERED

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  • Lightweight, simple, and pocket-sized
  • Unique UFO-like design
  • Best gift for your family and friend
  • Lighting effect
  • Rotation time greater than five minutes

Looking for a unique solar-powered fidget spinner? This simple fidget spinner from INNOPLUS offers an uncommon feature. It can be illuminated by absorbing solar light throughout the day. With just a minute or so of light exposure, it is charged enough to release the light during the dark. You can also opt to expose this fidget spinner under some mobile lighting for about 30 to 60 seconds, it will absorb the light, and it will illuminate at night.

With this spinner, you will find it much easier to keep yourself interested because of this specialized design. This toy can rotate for a very long 5 minutes, although this is still determined by how intense the pressure used was. The bearing spins very quietly, but this can be easily replaced in any case of the fall down.

  1. SCIONE Fidget Spinner ADHD Anxiety Toys 5 Pack Stress Relief Reducer

Editor’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars – BESTSELLER

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  • Purchase includes a pack of 5 spinners
  • Round corners and smooth surfaces to get protected against scratching
  • No maintenance, repair, and oil needed
  • A high-speed hybrid ceramic ball that ensures smooth rotation and consistency
  • 3 steel 608 counterweight bearings that increase spin time and centripetal force which is also removable

Last but definitely not the least on our list, this fidget spinner from SCIONE is a favorite and is a best seller for many people. These are available in 5 different colors, and they do not need to be maintained or lubricated. The fidget spinner spins for 2 minutes or longer depending on how hard you spin it, and they can be used right out of the box.

The round corner and smooth surface of this fidget spinner, which protects the hands of the user from scratch injuries. Its bearings are removable in case of any upgrades, but the ones the package comes with are 3 steel counterweight bearings to add spin time and increase force.

Fidget Spinner Buying Guide

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Why Should You Use A Fidget Spinner?

  1. Anxiety Relief – People with anxiety suffer from dread – mainly because of the thoughts crowding their minds, panic, and worry. This is why a fidget spinner can be very beneficial as it is something that people can constantly focus on. The movements and colors give the mind a chance to relax and rewire the focus on this item instead.
  2. Improve Focus – If you feel that you are having concentration problems, fidget spinners can give you something that you can focus on. In some instances, some people credit fidget spinners to increase their creativity, as well.
  3. Overcoming Addictions – There are many people who have mildly annoying habits like desk drumming and nail-biting. Fidget spinners can help keep their hands occupied and get rid of their habit.

What Should You Look For In A Fidget Spinner?

  1. A number of Hands or Bars – Fidget bars can be a dual-bar, tri-bar, and quad bar. Some even come with configurable numbers. This factor is dependent on your own personal preferences.
  2. Quality – There are different variants of fidget spinners in the market. A good factor to go for is superior quality. You can look up at the metals, coppers, titanium, and steel. This also dictates the durability.
  3. Actual Need – What do you plan on using a fidget spinner for? Each spinner has their advantages and strengths. Keep your main purpose in mind when trying to choose which one to go for. Will this be for a child or an adult? Is design more important than versatility?


Fidget spinners are truly fun innovations with surprising purposes. You can use them for killing time, or it can help you improve your mind and make it sharper. It is important to weigh in on what you are specifically looking for and who will be using the item before you make a final decision. For simple models, we recommend the SCIONE Fidget Spinners. If you are looking for a unique design, we recommend MayboSports unique ‘Golden Snitch’ inspired fidget spinner.

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