Motiv Ring Review


Talk about a fitness tracking device to most of your friends, and it would be most likely that they will perceive it as a device that you put on around the wrist. Nevertheless, the Motiv takes the assumption and disposes of it away, compacting a sleep tracker, activity tracker, and heart rate tracking into a ring. This sounds quite amazing for a very small device, but it does cater to all these functionalities.

Curt von Badinski, the co-founder of Motiv, previously exposed that the making of the Motiv Ring started when he saw himself exhausted and wrestling because of insufficient sleep. He longed to learn more about his sleep patterns and how he can make improvements to help him get better sleep at night. Nevertheless, von Badinski was not contented with the current tracking devices during that time. That led him to design the Motiv Ring.

Nowadays, you can put on fitness tracking devices almost anywhere – in the ears, in the wrist, or clipped in the bra or belt. With the Motiv Ring, you put it on your finger. Although it is not the first smart ring ever, it excels with its remarkable functionalities. The Motiv Ring is an innovative tracking device that asserts to provide you a 360-degree view of the health status while asleep.

Somehow, this is a brave claim, and sadly, there are no presented results that could support this claim. With a smooth pattern, online security selections, and different artistic approaches, the Motiv Ring asserts to provide you plenty of information about your health with convenience. However, the substantial amount many people are wondering about is whether it is truly effective.

Here are the pros and cons of Motiv Ring:


  • Portable
  • Accurate sleep detector
  • Well-made including peripherals
  • Impressive activity detection
  • Dwindles into the background


  • Very limited app
  • Does not track entire activities
  • Not suitable with all android devices
  • Only elemental stats are reported

We aim to thoroughly learn about Motiv Ring. We have gathered the essential facts about this device to guide buyers before they decide to buy it. Here is a comprehensive review of the Motiv Ring.

What is Motiv Ring?

The Motiv Ring is a ring-sized fitness tracking device that you put on your finger 24/7 to keep track of your steps, activities, heart rate, and sleep. This fitness tracking device is built to be both usable and comfortable while bragging numerous useful features.

Things to Consider before Buying Motiv Ring

Motiv Ring has made several impressions. Although many have used this device already, this does not immediately mean that you can easily buy this device without any other things to consider. As a smart buyer, you need to carefully assess Motiv Ring to determine whether or not it is suitable for you. Remember that your intention of buying this device is to improve your general health. However, it is just fair to say that although this device has been enjoyed by many people, it may not work for everyone.


When you decide to buy the Motiv Ring, the company would first deliver you a sizing kit. Now, this is commonly a step that takes time; thus, you have to ask yourself whether you are willing to take this process. The sizes of the Motiv ring are 6 to 12. The sizing kit that you will receive includes plastic rings. The company would suggest that you put on the trial ring for 24 hours before you decide what size to take. The company explains that the finger may contract and swell during the day; hence, they want to ensure that the size of the ring is convenient for you during your entire activities.


When Motiv Ring was introduced, its app was exclusively applicable to iPhones. Because of the growing demand, the Motiv is now suitable for Android devices. You may choose to export the information from the Motiv app to Apple Health. Furthermore, integration selections are available for Alexa and Google Fit.


Practically speaking, the Motiv Ring is an expensive tracking device. You have to assess your budget. Are you willing to shell out a quite big amount of money to buy this device? The price represents the exception of getting a non-wristband tracking device incorporated with a heart rate monitor. If you like to stylishly track your daily activities, then you need to pay quite high.


The features and benefits of Motiv Ring may be relatively basic in comparison to other tracking devices. However, if you are looking for a more exquisite wearable, then this device can do a remarkable job of smoothly incorporating into your daily life.

The concept is very basic – you get good sleep, you track the total calories burned as well as the steps you have taken. However, wearing a large tracking device around your wrist for 24/7 can get stinky and will move around a lot. This scenario would normally make the experience less impressive. Also, traditional fitness bands stop you from putting on another watch without appearing too expensive. They do not suit all types of outfits, and they may even act as a probable threat when doing particular sports like rock climbing.


There is nothing much to utter about the design of the Motiv Ring. The whole logic of putting on a ring as a fitness tracking device is that it is not a huge flamboyant watch. It was built to be sophisticated. It is merely a plain ring that is either rose gold or slate grey. It is created from matte titanium. Its texture would feel relatively sturdy but still manages to be lightweight. The only distinct design component is a very delicate line, which also stores an LED.

The LED informs you if the ring is charging and if it is syncing. Syncing may be manually elicited on the device by twirling it thrice.

Compacted Functions

The Motiv Ring provides an enticing solution. This band suits like a wedding ring, however, despite its miniature size, it is compacted with a 3-axis accelerometer, an optical heart-rate monitor, LED, Bluetooth, and 3-day battery. Its consumption of space is simply amazing – these little elements should be compacted in there quite rigidly.

It is even designed to be waterproof up to 50 meters. This means that it is a safe device to wear even during swimming, running in the rain, or while taking a shower. iOS fanatics have been getting the pleasure of this ability for quite a while now. Luckily, the time for Android users has come since the Motiv Ring supports a large group of Android devices (S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S7, S8 Plus, S8, S9 Plus, S9, Note 5, Note 8, Google Pixel, Pixel 2, Pixel XL, and Pixel 2 XL).

Charging is made through a magnetized USB dock and normally takes roughly 90 minutes to fully charge a dead Motiv Ring. The internal components are similar regardless of the size of the ring – thus, you cannot have a larger battery on a larger-size ring. Moreover, inside the ring are accelerometer as well as data storage that can accumulate up to 2 days of information. The tracker connects to the phone through Bluetooth and regularly syncs to clear out its stored data.

Sleep Tracking

A major advantage of the Motiv Ring Sleep Tracking is that it begins working once you are already asleep. It precisely quantifies your resting heart rate and utilizes this data to identify when you have fallen asleep. From there, the device monitors your motions when asleep, making a record on any anxious behavior or sleep disruptions during night-time.

The following day, the Motiv Ring displays you roughly the number of hours spent sleeping. It also checks your average in a week. This detail may be used to do nightly alterations to enhance your sleep pattern, conclusively letting you acquire the suggested quantity of sleep. For adult people, that is anywhere from 7 to 9 hours every night.

The sleep tracking feature is not overly intricate or filled with too many features. Rather, it is made to resolve your most common concerns about how good your sleep is.

Heart Rate Sensor

The internal portion of the outer ring is equipped with a heart rate sensor and 2 magnetic strips that clasps the ring into the charger. The best position for the heart rate sensor is on the palm section of the finger – which is sensed naturally and did not appear to struggle.

Motiv Ring App

The Motiv Ring app is presently available only on iOS devices. Set up is very doable. Simply plug the ring to the charger and grasp the guidelines on the phone. During the daytime, you may sync the app and the tracker, by twirling the ring around the finger.

This app is multi-colored and exhibits your rhythmic for the day as well as your activity patterns. You may choose to edit your sleep and activities manually if you notice the disparity. It also has cards that specify your resting and sleep heart rate. Patting on either will provide you a little more information, although not too comprehensive. For your resting heart rate, you only see the information on the previous nights.

The sleep patterns demonstrate the distinction between restlessness and sleep; however, it does not keep deviations in REM sleep, light, and deep. This is a notable drawback when contrasted to other existing fitness tracking devices. Motiv explains that the quantity of power the sensor needs to track the various kinds of sleep habits may be destructive to the life of the battery.


Fitness tracking devices are no longer new to us. They have existed for quite a while now, and most of them come in bracelet form. They record all types of health rhythmic, including the sleep quality you are getting and the total steps you have taken. The issue? These tracking devices can be huge and not very engaging.

The Motiv Ring tracking device is a very stylish ring that can be put on around the finger along with an athletic attire and business-professional attire. Its design is smooth, which makes it suitable to wear throughout the entire day. Many people would opt to remove their accessories during night-time, but not with Motiv ring.

Wearing your Motiv ring during night-time will provide you a more comprehensive illustration of your sleep quality – which can be essentially important. Getting the measurement of your sleeping manner is a major indicator of your general health condition. A lot of people believe that they have enough Z’s, but after consistent use of a sleep tracking device, they start to notice patterns of insufficient sleep.

Securing a good quantity of sleep every night is an essential thing to achieve if you want to attain good health.

Online Reviews

I have browsed the internet to solicit more information and feedback about the Motiv Ring. I have learned that many people have tried this device, and most of them were satisfied with their experience in wearing the Motiv Ring. Here are some of the reviews made by random users:


The Motiv Ring tracking device is a stylish, pretty precise, and user-friendly. It fixes active minutes as the main rhythmic, which is a better fitness rhythmic than the steps taken. Its price is exorbitant for a common user, which appears to be the targeted market. Users with small-sized fingers may see the ring quite big in their hands.

Yes, at a significant amount, the Motiv Ring is a huge investment.  It is not suitable for anyone who likes specified stats or a monitor you can check on to view your progress while doing your workouts. However, if you are searching for a shiny, simple wearable that monitors your activity – the Motiv Ring is perfect for the task.

Overall, the Motiv Ring is a creative inclusion of a healthy habit. Nevertheless, developing a healthy way of living implies you require more than a tracking device. That is why it is necessary to participate in a comprehensive weight-loss activity that can support you in meeting your requirements. Click here to learn more about the Motiv Ring.

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