Best Robot Vacuum for Carpet Review in 2020

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Have you ever detested vacuuming? Is taking care of your carpet too much of a chore? Why do the vacuuming when you can use a robot to do it for you? Robot vacuums have made it easier to maintain carpets and delicate floors clean. Because it’s automated, you can sit back and relax as your carpets get cleaned deeply and efficiently.

There are so many robot vacuum models available in the market, each with their own impressive features. You’ll find robot vacuums with all kinds of brushes, dirt detecting sensors, and navigation features. You can even schedule when you want your carpets cleaned; everything can be done using a convenient robot vacuum app. So, are you excited to get your carpets robot-cleaned?  Check out these top ten best robotic vacuums for carpets online. 

Quickly Review

1. iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum

Best Pet Hair Robot Vac from iRobot

Editor’s Ratings: 4.3 out of 5

Cleaning your carpets will not be as efficient as with cleaning and vacuuming with the iRobot Roomba 675. This robot vacuum vacuums using a three-stage cleaning system. It first loosens, then lifts and then finally sucks the dirt. It can work with hair, pet hair, dust, and dirt that are found on the surface or deeply-seated in your carpet fibers.

Underneath this cute robot is a dual multi-surface brush that grabs dust, dirt, and debris. It also has an Auto Adjust head that will automatically adjust to the height so it can clean hard floors as well. It detects dirt using a sensor; therefore, it will work harder, especially in areas of your home with the most traffic. Also, it comes with a sweeping edge brush with a 27-degree angle to reach corners and sweep dirt towards its suction. You can use this robot vacuum with the Bixby Google Assistant or Alexa. An iRobot app will help you schedule your vacuum’s cleaning and to monitor it when you’re not at home.

  • Cleans thoroughly – this robo vac guarantees better cleaning with its Power Boost technology. And with its 40x more suction than other Roomba models, it can lift and suck up dust, dirt, hair, and other allergens.
  • Detects dirt with sensors – it’s equipped with smart sensors that will help it evade obstructions and floor edges.
  • Use Alexa or Bixby and schedule using the app – integrate cleaning with your home assistant. With just one command, it can spot clean any area of your home.


  • With Power Boost Technology
  • With 40x more suction power
  • Smart Charge and Resume features
  • Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head
  • Uses Visual Nav and Smart Mapping
  • With Perfect Edge Technology
  • Dirt Detect Sensors
  • Weighs 6.77 pounds
  • With iRobot Home App
  • Runs 90 minutes in one full charge

2. eufy by Anker BoostIQ RoboVac 11S

Best Super Thin Robot Vacuum from eufy

Editor’s Ratings: 4.4 out of 5

The eufy Boost IQ RoboVac was included in the “Best Robot Vacuum of 2019” of Tom’s Guide. It looks more like a large musical instrument like a vacuum but trusts that it will do a great job cleaning your carpets and hard floors.

This robotic vacuum has been re-designed to become slimmer than its previous profile. It is down to just 2.85” so it can move under very low furniture with ease. It will vacuum quietly but with enhanced suction of 1300 Pa for 100 minutes. It also cleans smart as it will give you more suction power in 1.5 seconds if it detects extra vacuum power is needed to remove the dirt.

The top of this vacuum is an anti-scratch strong tempered glass. This is to protect its top from drops and also from pets who would love to ride along. To evade obstacles and anything that gets in its way, it uses infra-red sensors and drop-sensors to avoid stairs and floor edges.

The RoboVac will move back to its base when it’s time to recharge. It won’t stop mid-cleaning because it ran out of power.

  • Very slim robot vac – it is one of the slimmest robot vacs, and thus, it works well moving under different low areas where dirt usually hides.
  • Very quiet yet very strong suction – it comes with a strong suction power but, at the same time, is quiet. It can automatically vacuum your floors and carpets without waking you up.
  • With cleaning and drop sensors –the cleaning and drop sensors help this robot vac to avoid obstructions and drops. These sensors work simultaneously as you clean.
  • Goes back to its base for recharging – it won’t run out of battery power mid cleaning because it will automatically return to its charging dock when it senses low power.


  • Slim profile at 2.85”
  • Suction power up to 1300Pa
  • BoostIQ Technology
  • Tempered glass top
  • Infrared sensor
  • With cleaning tools, filters, side brushes, cable ties
  • Generous 12-month warranty

3. iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum

Best Alexa-Compatible Robot Vacuum from iRobot

Editor’s Ratings: 4.3 out of 5

Compared to the Roomba 600, a fine and powerful robot vacuum, the iRobot Roomba 960 will provide five times suction power for enhanced dirt pick up. It will automatically map and vacuums a floor of your home with its iAdapt 2.0 and vSLAM navigation. These features optimize the vacuum’s coverage.

It is a good vacuum to choose if you have pets as its three-stage cleaning system can remove pet hair, pet allergens, and dirt on carpets. Under this robot vacuum is a dual multiple surface rubber brush that will remain in contact with the carpet as it is cleaned.

Under the hood is a high-efficiency filter that will remove up to 99% of allergens, dust, and pollen plus particles that are 10 microns small.

It is also a smart vacuum as it will return to its base when it senses that it needs to recharge soon. To customize this robot vac, use the iRobot Home app compatible with Android or Apple phones. You may also connect via Alexa or through the Google Assistant.

  • Enhanced suction – this vacuum comes with enhanced suction capabilities. You can use this to clean deep-seated dirt, which usually resides in carpet threads.
  • Maps the area to be cleaned – before it does the work, it will cleverly map the area of your room. This helps avoid collisions and drops.
  • Best robot vacuum for pets – this is one of the best vacuums for pets because of its more powerful suction. It also helps capture 99% of allergens for thorough cleaning.


  • Power-Lifting suction
  • iAdapt 2.0 and vSLAM navigation
  • Uses 3-stage cleaning
  • A filter can capture up to 99% of allergens – Anti-Allergen System
  • Smart Charge & Resume
  • Perfect Edge Technology
  • With iRobot Home App
  • Alexa or Google Assistant compatible
  • Weighs 8.6 pounds

4. GOOVI 1600PA Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Best GOOVI Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Editor’s Ratings: 4.4 out of 5

The GOOVI Robot Vacuum comes with a powerful suction at 1600 Pa, which can handle crumbs, dust, dirt, and other larger particles. It is used on carpets as well as hard floors. It is easy to use as it comes with remote control. You can use the remote to spot clean or to automatically clean at one touch. The GOOVI will return to its base when it needs to recharge when it detects it is low on power. This vacuum is charged and ready for use all the time.

This robot vacuum is just 2.83” tall, and thus it is able to move under furniture and other difficult areas. It will reach areas where dirt usually hides like under cabinets, beds, and sofas. This vacuum comes with multiple cleaning modes and pre-set modes. It comes with big wheels so it can glide over carpets and over door ledges to reach messes.

  • Powerful suction – this robot vacuum comes with an efficient and powerful suction at 1600 Pa. This will let it suck dirt, dust, pollen, pet hair, and many more.
  • Intelligent and very efficient robot vacuum – this is a vacuum equipped with a drop sensor and collision sensor, so it remains safe as it cleans away.
  • With large wheels – the large wheels let it move over door ledges or any small obstruction.


  • 1600 Pa suction
  • 2.83” low profile
  • Drop sensor
  • High battery power at 120 minutes runtime
  • Comes with side brushes, one high-efficiency filter, main brush, remote control, cleaning brush, and charging dock
  • Weighs 8.85 pounds

5. Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Best Coredy Robot Vac with Super Strong Suction

Editor’s Ratings: 4.4 out of 5

The Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes with super-strong suction at 1400 Pa and has a slim profile so it can easily reach underneath anything for a thorough clean. You can clean quickly, schedule cleaning, or customize your cleaning preferences using its remote control. It comes with an automatic adjust cleaning head that will automatically increase suction and adapt its height to move from surface to surface.

The strong suction can clean anything and pick up anything from small dust particles to large pet hair. It also comes with features that protect itself. It has an enhanced anti-collision sensor and drops sensor. It is also equipped with a pressure-sensitive soft bumper to move around any obstacle and keep safe from drops.

This robot vacuum comes with a 2600 mAh Li-ion battery that can work up to 110 minutes. It also comes with auto-recharge functions, so it will be ready to clean any time.

  • Strong suction – this robot vacuum has a strong suction power that will help it clean your floors and medium-pile carpets. Dirt and hair that reside in between carpet threads and in cracks between wooden planks will be picked up with this 1400 Pa strong suction power.
  • Schedule cleaning or spot clean – you can choose from different modes, but you can also spot clean messes and dirt caused by spills and accidents.
  • Protects itself from obstacles – it comes with smart protection sensors that will avoid furniture, walls, and drops.
  • Longer-lasting battery – it has a battery that will allow the robot vac to clean up to 110 minutes. And when it senses it needs to recharge, it will return to its dock on its own.


  • 1400 Pa suction power
  • 2.75” slim design
  • Smart Protection
  • Battery time up to 110 minutes- automatic charging, 2600 mAh Lithium-ion battery
  • 300 ml dust bin
  • Double-filter system
  • Weighs 8 pounds
  • You will get side brushes, high-efficiency filter, remote control, cleaning brush, and charging dock
  • Comes with a generous 12-month warranty

6. iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum

Best iRobot Carpet and Hard Floors Vacuum

Editor’s Ratings: 4.4 out of 5

The iRobot Roomba 614 comes with a three-stage cleaning feature that will loosen dirt first, lifts it, and then suctions it away. It has dual multiple surface brushes that will grab dirt and even large debris. It is equipped with an Auto Adjust head that will instantly adapt to height to clean carpets and even on hard floors.

The Dirt Detect system will alert this robot vacuum to work twice as hard, especially in concentrated areas such as high-traffic rooms. It comes with sensors that will help it move across the floor, around obstacles, and under furniture. The sweeping edge brush can move the debris towards its suction. This vacuum can run up to 90 minutes, and it will detect that it needs to recharge and will automatically come back to its charging dock.

  • With a three-stage cleaning system – the three-stage cleaning ensures that your carpet and floors are clean. It loosens, lifts, and sucks dirt for that squeaky clean room.
  • With Dirt – Detect feature – this robot vac will immediately detect dirt and spot clean it right away. Or you can schedule cleaning routines for up to several days.
  • Returns to its charging dock  – no need to pick it up where it died, it automatically senses low battery and returns to its dock to recharge.


  • 3-stage cleaning
  • Dual multi-surface brushes
  • Auto-Adjust
  • Dirt Detect
  • Multiple sensors
  • Edge Sweeping Brush
  • Smart Navigation
  • Battery time of 90 minutes
  • Weighs 11.8 pounds

7. Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Best Robot Vacuum and Mop

Editor’s Ratings: 4.5 out of 5

The Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner will not just vacuum your floors and carpets, but it will also mop it. This robot vac is just 7.2 cm thin, and thus it can easily glide under beds, cabinets, and very low furniture. It comes with the three-point cleaning system and brushes that will vacuum carpets and hard floors with ease. With its remote control, you can schedule or customize your cleaning routines, or you can spot clean.

The top of the Coredy robot vac is made from scratch-proof tempered glass, which protects it from scratches and bumps. It will mop your floor with its wet-dry system to keep your floors very clean; however, the water tank and the mop cloth are sold separately from this unit.

You can choose from five different cleaning modes: spot cleaning, maximum vacuuming, edge cleaning, manual cleaning, and single-room cleaning. It comes with a longer-lasting battery up to 120 minutes of runtime. This robo vac will return to its charging dock when it detects that it is about to run out of power. Finally, it is a quiet vacuum compared to regular vacuums.

  • Vacuum and mop – it vacuums and mops floors for that very clean room. But you need to purchase extra accessories so it can mop.
  • 5 different cleaning modes – the different cleaning modes will let you quickly choose the way this vacuum cleans.
  • Longer-lasting battery with automatic charging –the battery will last for 120 minutes when fully charged. This can clean carpets, floors, and floor edges and still have time to return back to its dock.


  • 7.2 cm tall
  • 3-point cleaning system
  • Wet-Dry Mopping
  • 5 Cleaning Modes
  • Anti-Collision System
  • 1400 Pa suction power
  • Virtual Boundary
  • The noise only 60 dB
  • Battery time up to 120 minutes
  • Comes with an extra filter, main brush, remote control, cleaning brush, and charging dock
  • Generous one-year warranty

8. ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Best Self-Charging Robot Vacuum

Editor’s Rating: 4.2 out of 5

The ILIFE V3s is a robotic vacuum that will eat dirt and pet hair for breakfast. It offers a tangle-free pet hair removal system. It can pick up hair, debris, and dirt on carpets and hard floors. It has a very slim profile so it can clean under low furniture and areas in your home. This vacuum is recommended for tile, hardwood, stone, low pile carpets, and tile floors.

It comes with remote control, and this you can use for spot cleaning, to schedule cleaning time,  and to change cleaning settings. It also comes with sensors to prevent bumps and falls. Finally, the ILIFE robot vac has a longer-lasting battery that has a runtime of 90 to 100 minutes before it returns to its dock to be recharged.

  • With pet hair technology – this robot vac can lift fine pet hair effortlessly. It will also remove dust, pollen, and other allergens.
  • Low profile – the low profile helps your vacuum clean under furniture with ease. This is where most dirt and pet hair accumulates.
  • Remote control operated – this comes with a dedicated remote control where you can access different cleaning modes and schedule cleaning
  • The long-lasting battery and self-charging feature – the battery can last for 100 minutes, and the robot vac will automatically come back to its charging dock when it senses that it is about to lose charge.


  • With three cleaning modes
  • Battery time is 90 to 100 minutes – automatic charging
  • With remote control
  • 10 sets of sensors on the front
  • 300 ml dustbin
  • Comes with a generous 12-month warranty
  • US customer service support

9. Ecovacs DEEBOT 500 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Best Max Power Suction Robot Vacuum Cleaner from ECOVACS

Editor’s Ratings: 4.1 out of 5

The DEEBOT will help you clean your floors and carpets with ease. It comes with two brushes on its side. These brushes, along with the main vacuum brush, will sweep, move and vacuum dirt and dust off your floor. With the auto mode, you can clean an entire floor. With the spot mode, you can clean a small area. The edge of the floor mode lets you clean the edge of your floors only.

The DEEBOT will work with the Google Assistant and Alexa. With the ECOVACS app, you can monitor, schedule, and change settings in your robot vacuum. You can use direct control, get status updates, schedule cleaning, and get status of your vacuum accessories.

This robot vacuum comes with a maximum mode power feature that will enhance its suction power, especially when cleaning troublesome dirt and mess. It cleans quietly too at only 65.6 Db. There’s no need to empty its dust bin again and again because it has a large capacity of 520 ml dust bin. And with a full battery, this vacuum can run up to 110 minutes. It will also return to its charging dock to recharge when it senses it is low on power.

  • Different cleaning modes – you can choose from different cleaning modes according to your needs. This way, you can clean carpets and any kind of hard floor.
  • With app and voice controls – control the Wi-Fi enabled DEEBOT using an app through your smartphone or use Alexa or the Google Voice Assistant.
  • Cleaning using maximum mode – the maximum mode is used for deep cleaning or suctioning hard to remove dirt.
  • Long battery runtime – the battery can last up to 110 minutes, and the robot vac will return to its charging dock when it senses it is low on power. This will ensure that it is ready to clean anything in the next vacuum schedule.


  • Five advanced features
  • Works with Alexa and Bixby Google Assistant
  • Maximum Mode for twice the suction power
  • 65.6 Db noise levels
  • 520 ml of dust bin capacity
  • Battery power up to 110 minutes – auto-return charging
  • Sensors – anti-drop, cleaning and anti-collision sensors
  • Large wheels and protective bumpers
  • With charging dock, side brushes, two filters, remote control, and cleaning tool
  • Generous one-year warranty

10. eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30C

Best Super-Thin Robot Vacuum from eufy

Editor’s Ratings: 4.4 out of 5

This eufy robot vacuum is super-thin so it can move under low furniture and under difficult areas of your home. It is Wi-Fi powered so you can use the convenient EufyHome app to control the vacuum. It is also compatible with the Alexa and Bixby Google Voice Assistant. Enjoy cleaning your home with this automatic vacuum cleaner. Just place boundary strips, and this will avoid these areas in your home.

This comes with a 1500 Pa suction that will clean and lift dirt, dust, and hair almost instantly in one pass. It moves quietly over medium-pile carpets, floors, and edges of the room. And with one full charge, you can get as much as 100 minutes of cleaning.

  • With easy to use boundary strips – the boundary strips will make sure that the vacuum will remain inside the room you want to clean and to steer clear from areas you designated as off-limits.
  • BoostIQ  – this feature ensures that your robot vac will avoid obstacles and floor edges to avoid drops and accidents.
  • Cleans with longer-lasting battery – the battery is long-lasting. One full charge will give this robot vac 100 minutes runtime.


  • Connects to Wi-Fi
  • Alexa and Google Assistant compatible
  • With Boundary Strips
  • 2.85” tall
  • 1500 Pa suction power
  • Battery power up to 100 minutes – automatic charging
  • You will get boundary strips, remote control, charging base, cleaning tool, extra filters, side brushes, cable ties, and power adapter
  • Generous 12-month warranty

Things to look for when buying a robot vacuum

Description: The Best Robot Vacuums of 2020: Roomba | Reviews by Wirecutter

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• Suction power

You need a powerful suction to remove dirt, dust, and hair. And if you have thick carpets, choose a vacuum that’s dedicated to this kind of carpet. The suction power of 1500 to 1600 Pa will give you cleaner carpets and hard floors.

• Brushes and attachments

You need a robot vacuum with complete attachments and brushes. Check if there are side brushes, the main brush, and extra filters.

• Programmability

It would be great to have a vacuum with different cleaning modes and at the same time programmable. Whether you can use your smartphone or remote control, as long as you can fine-tune cleaning according to your needs.

• Size

You need a robot vacuum that will fit low areas like furniture and low spaces. These are areas where dirt usually hides, so it’s best to clear this daily.


• How does a robot vacuum clean carpets and floors?

Robot vacuums use sensors to move around and avoid obstacles in its way. Obstacles include furniture, stairs, floor edges, walls, etc. Some vacuums are more efficient as these “create” or “study” the area of your home using a grid. Some even have automatic adjustments when it comes to height, suction power, and suction modes as these move from carpeted floors to bare hard floors.

• Where does a robot vacuum keep all the dirt?

Inside the robot, a vacuum body is a small dirt cup just near the filter. You need to open the vacuum top to access this dirt container. It may not be as large as a regular vacuum, but it suits dirt found in carpets and floors. You need to make sure that this dirt cup is empty at least daily or according to your cleaning and vacuuming schedule.

• How do you program a robot vacuum cleaner?

Some Wi-Fi capable robot vacuum cleaners use an app that you can access using your smartphone. Here, you can set cleaning settings, schedules, and vacuum maintenance schedules. Some use pre-installed modes using a remote control. Meanwhile, some robot vacuums automatically do this with a smart function that maps out the area in your home.

• Can you use a robot vacuum cleaner on any type of floor?

No, some robot vacuums are only for hard floors, some for hard floors and carpets. Some robo vacs will work only on short or medium pile carpets. Check the specs when you buy them.


From our list of the best robot vacuums, we choose the iRobot Roomba 675. We have several reasons why this is the best robot vacuum. First, it vacuums using a three-stage cleaning system, which ensures that dirt is removed from carpets and floors. It first loosens lifts and vacuums the dirt. Because of this feature, you can use the Roomba 675 to vacuum hair, pet hair, dust, and dirt found on the surface of floors or dirt that are deeply-seated in your carpet fibers.

It is equipped with a multi-surface brush that grabs dust, dirt, and debris and directs these to the suction mouth. With an Auto Adjust head, it can automatically adjust to the floor height so it can clean hard floors, not just carpets.

The Roomba 675 detects dirt using a sensor, and thus it will work like a charm on areas of your home with the most traffic. A sweeping edge brush with a 27-degree angle will reach corners and sweep dirt to its suction. When it comes to connectivity, you can use this robot vacuum with the Bixby Google Assistant or Alexa. Finally, you can download and install the iRobot app in your smartphone to help you schedule your vacuum’s cleaning, and monitor cleaning is done when you’re away. And if you think that the iRobot Roomba 675 is also the best robot vacuum, click this link.

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